Newbie’s Guide To Getting Your Very first Bitcoin Without Mining

What’s the very first thing you think of when you hear the word, Bitcoin?

Drug dealers? Hackers? Rekentuig nerds? Complicated money transactions?

You’re very likely not even sure how you would use or get your very first Bitcoin, right? Maybe you are not even sure why you would want to have Bitcoins. Or if you have heard of Bitcoin, you may think you have to get a fancy, high-end rekentuig to mine Bitcoins. Am I right?

Well, you don’t need to mine to get Bitcoins now. There’s an lighter way. It’s something you already do: social media.

Reminisce ter the 1990’s when the internet wasgoed just getting embarked? Reminisce when people were funked to order things online? Now think about online shopping. Almost everyone does it on their smartphone without even thinking twice.

According to a leading Bitcoin pro, Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin is now te the same stage spil the internet wasgoed ter the 1990’s. The Bitcoin network has bot running since 2009, without interruption, 24 hours vanaf day, 7 days vanaf week for 7 years straight. It has no central authority, no geopolitical influence, no borders and according to Andreas A., it is the internet of money. He wrote a book with that title. He believes wij are coming in a time of tremendous innovation te the global monetary system, very much like the birth of the internet itself.

There are many movies and a lotsbestemming of information about Bitcoin that I could talk about. Instead, I’m going to voorstelling you step-by-step how you can get some Bitcoin without mining, just like I did. I didn’t earn Bitcoin by mining, but by blogging. You don’t even need to have any money to get began. There are many different ways to get embarked and services to use. However, this guide wasgoed written for the absolute beginner, so the services I suggest are the easiest to use.

Before wij get embarked, I need to mention that Bitcoin has inspired many other digital currencies.

This explosion of fresh digital currency is fairly fresh, with most of thesis fresh digital coins embarking around 2013. This trend will only proceed into the future. Just wait until Kim Kardashian comes out with hier own digital coin. Then, the world will know all about this fresh money system. Andreas A. predicts that ter the future, say within 20 years, the world will have hundreds of thousands of different digital coins, each reflecting a different human community. Most of the digital coins out there now are considered to be shitcoins but some are not.

There have bot many attempts to combine social media with monetization strategies. So far, there is only one that is fully functioning right now. It’s called On this webpagina, the digital currency is called Steem. Steem is like Bitcoin. Steem is a loterijlot newer than Bitcoin, but it’s secured te the same way spil Bitcoin. On the horizon, however, there will be many other monetized sites including a network called Yours, which merges the world of social media with the world of Bitcoin. This network will be released te 2018. There are also others like Synereo and Akasha that have not set a release date yet.

But right now, today, I will demonstrate you how you can get a little Steem from blogging on Steemit. Then I will voorstelling you how to trade some Steem for Bitcoin. All of this is done without using any of your own money to get began. This is also not intended spil a get rich quick type of thing. The amount you could get for blogging will very likely be very puny, especially ter the beginning. This new-comer guide is only intended for absolute beginners, spil a way to get involved te Bitcoin without investing any of your own money and without mining.

Here are the steps to get your very first Bitcoin without mining:

1. Sign up for an account at You will need an email address and a phone number.

Two. Create an account at

Trio. Create an account at

Note: When you create your account on Steemit, you will most likely be a bit shocked by the way it works. If you’re brand fresh, you can visit https://www.steemithelp.nipt/ to learn the beginning steps of using Steemit. This webpagina will tell you how to use your different keys, how to create your very first postbode and give you other beginner tips.

Write your very first postbode on Steemit and publish it.

Check your wallet ter Steemit. Hopefully, you will see some Steem ter there.

When you’re ready to trade Steem for Bitcoin, go after the guide ter here:

Don’t worry about all the steps now. The significant thing is for you to earn some Steem ter your Steemit wallet. Once you do that, you’ll be more motivated to figure out how to convert it to Bitcoin.

After your very first trade of Steem into Bitcoin, you’re ready to transfer your Bitcoin from Bittrex to your Coinbase wallet and you’ll need to very first get your Bitcoin wallet address from Coinbase. The wallet address will be a long string of numbers and letters, so you’ll need to copy and paste this into Bittrex. So, open your Bittrex interface and next to BTC ter your wallet, you’ll see a minus sign. Click on that to transfer your Bitcoin to your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet. Once this minus sign is clicked on, paste your Coinbase wallet address into that tabulator and select how much Bitcoin you want to send. You’re all done. Ter a brief time, you will see your Bitcoin ter your Coinbase wallet. Times vary. Sometimes it can take more than 30 minutes for the Bitcoin to emerge ter your wallet.

The steps are undoubtedly a loterijlot for most people, so I recommend splitting up thesis steps into several days. When I very first tackled this stuff, I spent a few days getting all three accounts created. Then I spent several more days just understanding the basics of converting Steem to Bitcoin. Then a few more days figuring out how to transfer Bitcoin from Bittrex into my Coinbase account.

One more thing, when you create your Bittrex and Coinbase accounts, make sure and use Google Authenticator spil your two-step authentication. It’s the most secure option right now.

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