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The culminate effect of digital movie is creating a multiplier effect, which ticks all the boxes for marketers, says Kai Henniges (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, movie intelligence, ter this lump for ExchangeWire. He describes the ‘movie ad multiplier effect’ that is driving consistent engagement across platforms with movie. Legendary advertising effectiveness experts Lesuur Binet and Peter Field have famously bot proponents of the long-term effectiveness of TV advertising. Te Marketing Effectiveness te the Digital Era (2016), they added online movie [. ]

Understanding Your Customer Through Gegevens: Q&,A with Salesforce

Despite the fact that wij are producing more gegevens than everzwijn before, using this gegevens to engage customers and drive sales is an ongoing challenge for retailers. Ter this Q&,A with RetailTechNews, Chris Wood, vice voorzitter, UK retail, Salesforce, discusses what retailers can be doing to turn this around, and other challenges faced by the industry. RetailTechNews: Two-thirds of customers feel brands don’t know them well enough. What can brands be doing to close this customer gap? Chris Wood: [. ]

Call for Post-Brexit EU-UK Co-operation on Gegevens Protection, UK Viewability Figures Rising

ExchangeWire rounds up some of the fattest stories te the European digital advertising space. Te this week’s edition: Advertising Association Requests Post-Brexit EU-UK Co-operation on Gegevens Protection Rules, Rising Viewability Rates te UK, CDP Institute Launched te Europe, Finnish Media Group Otavamedia Licenses PubMatic Toneelpodium, and Tapad &, Flashtalking Partnership. Advertising Association Requests Post-Brexit EU-UK Co-operation on Gegevens Protection Rules The Advertising Association has called on the European Commission to pave the way for the post-Brexit relationship inbetween the EU and UK with regards to the UK’s deep alignment with the EU on gegevens protection policy. Despite the UK [. ]

How Wij 20 Percenters Sustain the Duopoly

When an Irish person tells you ter a ogenblik of keerpunt that, “you’ll be grand”, you truly are ter a world of trouble. Things are far from ‘grand’ ter digital advertising. Google and Facebook downright predominate the market. Their market shares dwarf everyone – and they are still growing. I have done some cursory analysis around what their combined market share of digital advertising might be te Europe (excluding Russia) – and it makes for painful reading. Even taking into account [. ]

What Has Your Gegevens Done for You Lately?

Access to information has bot revolutionised by the internet, and big gegevens now provides insights on consumers at the touch of a button. However, the demographics that have historically guided our comms programma are becoming increasingly meaningless. Tyler Greer (pictured below), head of strategy, Exponential, discusses how marketers can take advantage of big gegevens to optimise their campaigns, spil well spil the pitfalls and opportunities of the data-led media environment for brands. The little planet upon which wij live is despairingly overcrowded [. ]

Brute from the East Causes Increase te Online Sales, John Lewis Closes Online Gap on ASOS

RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. Te this week’s edition: Animal from the East Causes Increase ter Online Sales, John Lewis Closes Online Gap on ASOS, and Shifting Concept of Loyalty &, Prizes. Animal from the East Causes Increase te Online Sales Online retail sales te the UK were up by 13% year-on-year ter February, according to the latest research from e-tail trade assets IMRG and tech consultants [. ]

Google’s Crackdown on Ads – Let’s Just Read Inbetween the Lines Here

Google has bot blocking ads it deems intrusive since mid-February. Ter this opinion lump for ExchangeWire, Oliver Gold (pictured below), UK managing director, YOC, looks at the fresh rules spil they are now permanently enforced, investigates how they came about, and explains what the switches mean to advertisers and publishers. On 15 February 2018, Google began making switches to the web by eradicating ads it deems annoying or intrusive to users. It used an industry trade figure known spil the Coalition [. ]

Indonesia &, Philippines Amongst Top Ten Fresh Ad Spend Contributors, Singapore Advertiser Group Offers Programmatic Guide

Te this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and te this edition: Indonesia &, Philippines Amongst Top Ten Fresh Ad Spend Contributors, Strong Online Ad Sales Drive Tencent’s 2018 Earnings, Singapore Advertiser Group Offers Programmatic Guide, and China Millennials Most Receptive to Brief Movie Ads. Indonesia &, Philippines Amongst Top Ten Fresh Ad Spend Contributors Indonesia, South Korea, and the Philippines are amongst the world’s Ten largest contributors of fresh ad [. ]

Targeting China Consumers Requires QR &, Other Local Support

China can offerande brands, especially te retail, tremendous comebacks, but loving the market’s richness ter scale and potential will require advertisers to know local nuances and consumer preferences. Thesis, for example, will include the need to integrate QR codes into their marketing campaigns and identifying slots to ass-plug te order to entice customers to buy into their brand, says Anthony Capano, Rakuten Marketing’s Asia-Pacific and Europe managing director, te this Q&,A with ExchangeWire. He also strongly touts the need for advertisers [. ]

How Brands Can Contest with Amazon’s Incredible Gegevens Value Exchange

Amazon has reported tremendous growth te ad sales business and has large ambitions for it. It wants to use all the gegevens it’s collecting through both advertising and commerce customer transactions to inform a more personalised and more effective customer practice. Ter this lump, Charles Bell (pictured below), director of sales engineering, EMEA, Sitecore, explains that there is a three-pronged treatment to rivaling with the Amazon juggernaut. If wij take a uur to think about why it’s having so much [. ]

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