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Robocop 2014 Review

It’s kinda bad, then gets better. The fresh Robocop 2014 movie isn’t terrible, but it’s not spil superb spil the original and here’s why. I give Robocop 2014 9/Ten then Trio/Ten then 8/Ten (beginning, middle, end).

The best part – the ED209 were amazing. Excellent work from the CGI guys and gals on cooking that up. The audio department perfected the sound of the ED209 walking to give some real influence, they had a real robotic menacing voice effect like the original movie. My dearest part of the movie.

Now on to the surplus of the movie you have to sit through to see the awesome ED209:

The acting is average to superb. The doctor who builds Robocop is amazing and indeed possesses every toneel he comes in. The evil CEO is a good actor placed te a bad role. He carried the position well but it should have bot a dude te a suit.

Samuel L. Jackson spil the news reader wasgoed superb, but again, he wasgoed a superb actor te a bad role. The forearm movements to budge things on screen were awkward and that UI would never be used ter the real world. It just felt like the Robocop producers attempted to be fururistic/modern without thinking about how all this technology works te reality. Samuel Jackson should have bot sitting ter a studio.

The main Robocop boy who played Murphy wasgoed attempting his best but just didn’t succesnummer every note. Murphy is supposed to be a good dude capable cop who hits a bad situation. They should have spent more time building him up like te the original.

The Robocop testing phase dragged on way too long. It’s the 2nd fifth of the movie and it feels like it goes on forever.

Lack of build up of characters and corporation. The movie wasn’t lacking coherence, it just lacked punch. It felt like it wasgoed hopping inbetween scenes but there wasgoed no solid meat to the movie. Like the producers just dreamed to demonstrate cool activity scenes from their todo list without watching the movie themselves. The evil corporation wasn’t evil enough, the good stud wasn’t nice enough.

Too many bit parts from random actors and some cringy scenes that dragged. But it could have bot amazing and that’s what hurts the most. This wasgoed trilogy material and it had potential to be a triple blockbuster.

No evil corporation. Yes I know it had Omnicorp, but it wasgoed run by a cool man CEO type. It should have bot boardmembers sitting around a table ter suits like the original, with charts and Powerpoint. Instead wij see a glass meeting slagroom that just looked powerless.

The Dean (police leader) had little presence. If anyone witnesses any movies from the 80’s they always have a boss who has to do things a certain way because they have a boss to report to. You don’t get that feeling with the Dean. She does hier best but raunchy boots to pack and truly requires screen presence to pull it off.

Robocop can leap. Why can Robocop hop? He is a 1 ton bullet proof waterreservoir and he’s leaping through the air like a cat. It’s just ridiculous and totally ruins the atmosphere and believability of the movie. He also moves just that little bit too prompt. The original Robocop walks slow, because of his weight, and it adds a hefty amount of power to the role. Like this Robot cop is coming to ruin your day power.

The fresh Robocop suit is cool but too complicated and black. It’s hard to clearly see the harm Robocop has received te battle so you can’t lightly see if Robo is hurting or not. The footstep sounds were copy pasted from the original movie and excellent, but the movement sounds, like turning, lacked punch. This is the Transformers audio problem.

Transformers audio problem: The Transformers movies have a particular sound effect they used for when the transformer robots convert. It’s supposed to sound alien and cool It’s like chu chu chu chu spil the parts stir around and they convert. It sounds terrible and does not getraind the process shown on screen which is enormous chunks of metal moving around and hitting each other. It has ruined many movies. It’s up there te bad movie tropes with blue and orange filters and objectief flare. Oh and spinning bullet time camera on shooting scenes and shaky cam on activity scenes. This indeed is the worst decade for movies everzwijn.

Too little future tech te the movie. I know Robocop is not supposed to be 2050 but it should still have some cooler looking vehicles, and maybe some robot drones flying around. The pui lights on Robocops motorbike looked cheap. I would have liked a talk through of what awesome features the bike had like the Batman movies had.

Robocops CGI slagroom scan wasgoed a mess and used too often.

Spinning camera effect. Overheen and overheen again wij see the spinning camera bullet time effect copied from Matrix. It just made mij dizzy and I embarked to lose rente te the movie. You know it will be trained te speelfilm schools now spil a good way to excite the viewer into the act but I just don’t like it at all.

Blue and orange. Every movie is blue and orange and this is no difference. I just hope wij get past thesis cheap filterzakje soon. The movie could have used more objectief flare however to indeed make the lights speelgoedpop.

Needed slow death toneel. The death scenes were one slok and it’s overheen. No final words, no speech about why the evil stud desired to do his thing, just speelgoedpop and it’s overheen. There were two main villains ter the movie and both had powerless death scenes. Across the entire movie it felt like the Director wasgoed afraid to remain on anything te case the the audience lost rente and it shows ter a feeble coherence.

No cool catch phrases permitted. The original Robocop wasgoed made by those cool catchphrases you repeated to your friends te schoolgebouw for weeks. This has none.

Some awesome quotes from the original Robocop movies:

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with mij.”

“Come calmly, or there will be… trouble.”

“Excuse mij. I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.”

Robocop: “My programming does not permit mij to take activity against an officer of this company.”

The Old Man: “Dick, you’re FIRED !”

Robocop: (smiling slightly) “Thank you.” (fires)

The Old Man: “Nice shooting, son. What’s your name ?”

See how cool those are? nothing like that te this movie. Just a brooding stud ter a cyborg cat suit.

The worst part – the movie failed to perform and will very likely not get a sequel. The original Robocop movie came te a trilogy and it’s a shame this fresh Robocop 2014 movie will likely not see a Robocop Two. So much blockbuster potential wasted by averageness and modern speelfilm schools.

The Slagroom Two Walkthrough – iPad, Android and iPhone

I just finished The Slagroom Two for iPad. Here’s how I ended every puzzle ter every chapter, no cheats, just a finish The Slagroom Two walkthrough and guide for the entire spel. With hints and solutions to solve every puzzle te The Slagroom Two.

The very first chapter of The Slagroom Two is called The Crypt.

The spel opens up with a observe like mechanism and a letterteken. Open the letterteken and you’ll be given an eyepiece. The eyepiece is missing a objectief. Go after the surplus of the tutorial until you are given a hexagonal metal shaped object.

Now stir around this table that you’re shown and on the corner of the table, near the letterteken, you will find another hexagonal shaped lump of metal.

Pinch out of this 2nd table and budge back to the very first table that you witnessed. You will see two hexagonal shaped crevices. Insert the two metal lumps that you picked up into thesis slots ter the table.

That table will open up and expose two golden discs. Swipe to rotate thesis discs until a big circular slot emerges ter the middle. A globe will show up ter the middle inbetween the two gold halves. Pick up the strange brass sphere. Insert this golden globe into the middle of the compass on the table. It will open and voorstelling an eye. Wij need to make a code with the compass.

Look at the letterteken on the very first table using the objectief. It will have SESWN ter crimson ink. Inject this code by swiping on the compass middle and pick up the medallion. Tapkast to look at the medallion ter your inventory. Now, use multitouch and two fingers to stir both arrow parts at the same time to make the medallion square.

Budge to the 2nd table and place this square medallion into the center of the big opbergruimte. Come in objectief mode and dual tapkast the light projection verlichtingstoestel that came out of the big opbergruimte. You can now budge the light around the walls. With your objectief activated, lodge the light plank on each of the crimson glyphs on the walls of the slagroom.

After three separate glyphs have bot found the spel will zoom te to a micro observatory. Rotate the middle part to accomplish the symbol. It will take you to a immobilized view where you have to rotate and make the juist symbol using the floating crimson lines and matching with a crimson drawing on the wall.

Completing this crimson puzzle will accomplish the very first chapter of The Slagroom Two.

The Slagroom Two Review

The Slagroom Two (Two) is ultimately released today, December 12th. I finished the app te around Five hours, just like the Slagroom 1. Here’s a quick review of how version 1 compares with The Slagroom Two and if it’s worth your money. Should I buy The Slagroom Two?

Quick summary of negative opinions on The Slagroom Two:

  • The puzzles te The Slagroom Two make less sense spil the spel develops.
  • The ending feels rushed.
  • Loses the Lovecraftian atmosphere spil the spel develops, feeble story and some poor writing.
  • With all the above faults points The Slagroom Two still shines like the diamond that it is.

The puzzles and furniture ter The Slagroom Two still have the click and clack sound you love from the Slagroom. There’s still the undertones of Lovecraft te the background but not spil much. Everything is wood and cogs and the puzzles are never too difficult. It’s all 95% of the way to a awesome experience…but it falls brief. Now this is brief, but just a little. It’s no where close to a failure, but it’s not the awe inspiring spectacle that wasgoed the original Slagroom.

The story is the very first kwestie I have. The visuals te The Slagroom Two are still top of the class. Crisp and clean on the fresh iPad mini retina display. The story is messy and told through letters, of which there are too many. The original The Slagroom had a beautifully crafted Lovecraftian vibe to everything. The letters, the storyline, it all tied together and had the magic of coherence that sent shivers down your spine. The Slagroom Two by tegenstelling has letters, and hence a story, that a modern writer has written.

The Slagroom Two has none of the extended verbiage of HP Lovecraft that makes you feel the unsettling creepiness of everything around you. And since story is such a big part of the practice it’s a big letdown when you read something that looks scrawled together overheen a coffee pauze. The overarching story of the entire spel is also lacking ter depth or coherence. The original The Slagroom had you moving from slagroom to slagroom delving deeper into the insides of your Uncles huis, te the Slagroom Two you’re taken from slagroom to slagroom just because.

Then you have the rooms. The rooms are fine and each has a theme, and it’s spoiler time so look away if you want to play through yourself very first. My favourite slagroom wasgoed the sessie, truly the only level that maintained an unsettling vibe and had a fine underlying story to the slagroom itself. Other rooms I were: The ship slagroom, the Egyptian slagroom and the laboratorium. There’s also the very first level called “The crypt”. Five rooms ter total, each around an hour long.

The Puzzles te the Slagroom Two are mostly effortless. I wasgoed never challenged. There were times I did not know what to do next. Like a switch hidden on the side of a drawer you can not see. The hints that were added after The Slagroom wasgoed released do spoil the fight and sense of achievement of cracking a harsh nuttigheid.

The Slagroom Two proceeds the use of old time furniture and equipment. Truly nice to see that and with the touch and tapkast control scheme it felt real. Laboratorium battery charger and Typewriter te the Sessie stand out spil particularly memorable contraptions.

The last few rooms ter The Slagroom Two commence to lose coherence ter the puzzles. You’ll ask yourself why collecting insects opens a drawer. I felt a fetch quest vibe that I did not like, especially for the end of the spel which should be well paced and jaw pulling down.

Which brings mij nicely to the end of the review. Lack of jaw ripping off ending te The Slagroom Two. When you play the original The Slagroom your jaw drops when that final table opens. You didn’t want the spel to end, and it doesn’t, Three times te a row spil that table opens up exposing more and more jummy puzzles, each more difficult than the last. It wasgoed an practice that left your mind racing long after the spel wasgoed overheen. You dreamed to play again. There’s nothing like that ter The Slagroom Two.

The Slagroom Two is Five hours long for a single play through. For $Five, the app is right at the limit of being worth it. Which is very likely why you’re looking at this review. So here’s my final recommendations:

If $Five is throw away money for you then buy.

  • It will inevitably be on sale ter a few months for $Three, if you don’t mind waiting then you could save $Two.
  • And of course, when The Slagroom Three is released it will be on the Apple app store for free.
  • I paid $Five for The Slagroom Two. I feel it’s a $Three app. I also feel the original The Slagroom wasgoed worth the $Five I spent on it. The reserve $Two would come from a better Lovecraftian vibe ter the writing and a jaw pulling down finale.

Overall, I give The Slagroom Two a review score of Four.Five/Five. It’s still the 2013 Nerdr Puzzle Spel of the Year because puzzle games have bot feeble this year. For comparison last years The Slagroom wasgoed a clear winner with Five/Five.

Leave a comment with your thoughts.

FIX How to Activate iTunes Radio on fresh iTunes 7 for Apple Mac and Macbook Voor

Today I ultimately updated iTunes on my Macbook and found iTunes radio wasgoed missing or liquidated. I searched around and it looked like iTunes radio had bot eliminated by Apple. Ter fact, Apple have just hidden the settings to turn internet streaming radio on.

Open the fresh iTunes. Ter the top menukaart near the Apple logo tapkast the iTunes word and select Preferences. Then tick the opbergruimte for internet radio and kasstuk ok. Now when you go to music ter iTunes you’ll see an option for internet. This is internet streaming radio on your Mac again.

Four Pics 1 Movie Solutions, All Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Every response for every level of Four Pics 1 Movie. Nothing fancy, no fluff, just solutions, cheats, and all the answers for the Four Pics 1 Movie app. The Four pics 1 movie app is available for iphone, ipod, ipad and android devices.

Four Pics 1 Movie Level 1 to 40 Answers. Thesis are the answers and cheats for all levels of Four pics 1 movie. Reminisce to share on FB and Twit if you found this useful!

Fucktoy Story, Fight Club, Leap year, 21 Leap street, Oceans Eleven. I love you, man, black swan, Cowboys and Aliens, Almost Famous, Hitch, Battleship. Braveheart, Vanilla Sky, Pitch Volmaakt, pulp fiction, garden state.

Cars, Brothers, domino, A man chic, glad feet, American Pie. Black hawk down, fools gold, jack reacher, Angels and Demons. Man on fire, Barbershop, sin city, Nerd, Zoolander, Anaconda, Dirty Harry.

Stunner, Knight and day, Prompt five, Bad santa, King kong, Brother bear, After earth. Blue crush, Identity, Beauty shop, Road tour, Looper, Pouch of fury. Gladiator, Apollo 13.

Personages away, Bad boys, Man of stengel, salt, black dynamite, fuckholes. City of angels, ice princess, boys don’t sob, deep blue sea, sky fall. Superbad, Coyote ugly, Training day, I am legend, ladyhawke.

The lion king, suck dry, sixteen candles, dirty dancing, footloose. Monsters inc, wild hogs, attack the block, Starlet Trek, Layer cake. Scare slagroom, role models, spy kids, Odor of a woman, The paper pursue, Grizzly man.

Elftal, Twister, Rambo, space cowboys, oerwoud fever, network. Election, A knights tale, Space jam, The stadionring, tequila sunrise, meet the parents, The good escape. After the sunset, some like it hot, the bodyguard.

Clerks, 12 Monkeys, Strong Metal, Studs ter black, Strak Wars, Total recall. Smokin Aces, Flashdance, metal eagle, the fighter, splash. A time to kill, step brothers, Mallrats, casablanca, Titanic.

Four Pics 1 Movie Level 8 Answers. Aliens, the birds, Spider-man, Meatballs, Animal house, Monsters ball, Antz. Old schoolgebouw, A bug’s life, Sling blade, Tower heist, The edge. Goldeneye, Act of valor, the big crimson one, the odd duo.

Jaws, Rain man, The A-team, Air force one, cabin boy. The bucket list, Puss ter boots, Problem child, Cool runnings., the oerwoud book. Point pauze, American psycho, the artist, byebye birdie, the dark crystal, daredevil.

Airplane, the fly, boiler slagroom, the piano, face/off. Payback, the doors, brief circuit, the metal giant, twins. Cushion talk, the onion field, Backdraft, Green Lantern, April fools day, the ice storm.

Air bud, Batman, Expeditie attacks, out of time, the karate kid, robin fetish mask. Chain reaction, Robocop, Tango &, Contant, the howling, A flawless world. Silkwood, the wild bunch, the blob, the cotton club, dangerous minds.

This is the end of the Four Pics 1 Movie answers and solutions list. I hope you liked it and you can share with the linksom on the right.

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