X11 mining algorithm, Darkcoin mining algorithm

The algorithm wasgoed very first used te the extraction of cryptocurrency Darkcoin. It permits you to hash on eleven rounds, so it is one of the most reliable to date.

Overview and features

With X11, you can solve many problems that some other cryptographic algorithms can’t afford.

According to experts, some algorithms are subject to the threat of hacking, which can jeopardize the system of some cryptocurrencies, such spil bitcoin. To crack X11, you will need to find vulnerabilities on all eleven hashes, which greatly complicates the task. Ter the event that one or more hashes still can not stand and will be hacked – it will be a signal for developers who will analyze the situation and promptly make switches, enhance security. Spil a rule, the optimal solution is to substitute the problem area.

According to the developers, despite the leading positions of bitcoin and litecoin ter the cryptocurrency market, they do not cause utter confidence on the part of investors. They have not bot able to persuade investors that there is no danger of hacking, which can cause the destruction of the entire system, followed by the depreciation of thesis cryptocurrencies.

The chain algorithm is much more reliable when compared to the one-hash. The developers are certain that such an enhanced security system will soon attract investors who do not risk investing te bitcoin or litecoin.

Many believe that ASIC is a problem area te the world of cryptocurrencies since the onderstel of the entire system is eliminated-decentralization. ASIC significantly complicates the mining process, it becomes difficult to access. It is the prerogative only of those who can do it only if they invest a loterijlot of money. Cryptocurrency loses its function of exchange and becomes the object of speculative deeds. But the main thing is not even that, but the fact that people have become hostages to the ASIC.

Mining with ASIC complicated process of bitcoin mining. X11 has the reliable protection from ASIC. To create special devices for mining do not permit the same 11 hashes. The developers did not project to fully protect themselves from icicles. Therefore, it is possible that the problem that ASIC will show up here instantly spil soon spil Darkcoin mining will bring more profit. But for their appearance, it is necessary to overcome serious difficulties and confinements.

Those who use X11 noticed that te the process of mining movie cards are heated much less, and the ventilatoren are not so intensively cooled. This is because the consumption of violet wand wasgoed diminished to 50%. It is also significant that overheating of graphics cards can cause the farm to zekering working.

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