What they don’t tell you about building a Mining Equipment

I recently determined to build myself a puny mining equipment, and before you tell mij about the ROI I will begin by telling that I didn t do it for the ROI, ter fact I am fairly sure that I will be better off buying and holding, I built the equipment spil a learning practice and basically because I thought it would be joy (which it turned out to be!). Besides, if mining doesn’t work out I would have a bad donk gaming PC.

Building a mining equipment is pretty much like building a PC, very likely lighter since you don’t have to worry about fitting all the cables into a puny laptop case. So, let’s begin by the components I got and their price:

An Open Case: I got a indeed cool one from a miner ter Buenos Aires that includes Four ventilatoren, the price of 115 USD wasgoed fairly reasonable too.

H81 Voor BTC Mother Houtvezelplaat: 83 USD

Celeron Two.9 Ghz Processor: 59 USD

240gb SSD (Zometeen to find out this wasgoed fully unnecessary): 110 USD

8gb Ram (4gb would have done fine, but feck it they were cheap): 86 USD

750 W Sentey Power Supply: 126 USD

Movie Cards: It all truly comes down to this basically, since it wasgoed my very first equipment and I wasn’t sure I wasgoed going to make it alive I bought one Gigabyte Nvidia 1050 ti 4gb to test things out (it mines at 12.Trio MH/s) Price — 165 USD

So I spent a total of 762 USD for a 1 movie card equipment, the price after that will depend on the movie cards I add to it.

Building the animal!

Building the hardware wasgoed actually a loterijlot simpler than what I originally thought. Some things you should indeed be careful with is:

  1. Making sure you buy a processor that has same chipset spil you motherboard.
  2. Buy a power supply that can power all of your components (Te my case, I will most likely need to buy another one after I have Three or more cards).
  3. Make sure you buy a power button, otherwise the bloody thing will just sit there and laugh at you!

Now the software wasgoed a bit trickier. Before I tell you all the hurdles I faced let mij just leap right on to the solution: Buy Ethos Distro USB! (price 39 USD).

Well, at very first I attempted to install Ubuntu like 200 times, it kept providing mij this annoying error:

“The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk: [Errno Five] Input/output error This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive objectief (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and te need of replacement, or to budge the system to a cooler environment.”

I have no idea why it talent mij that error, I attempted every possible solution after I ultimately talent up and installed evil windows Ten. After that things went more slickly, Installed Nvidia drivers, downloaded Claymore miner, set it up and began mining (I love it when things just work!).

However, I have bot told that Windows Ten does not support more than one card, I am not sure if this is true but before I encountered more problems I got myself an Ethos USB, which works like a charm, it comes pre-loaded with most cards drivers and you can spare yourself the SSD drive.

What’s next?

Now I buy more cards, go broke and never pauze even!

What is worse I already feel I am becoming addicted to this little bastard…

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