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With digital currencies remaining a hot topic of conversation, more and more people are determining to invest every day. While many people may find themselves excited about this fresh chance, a lotsbestemming of beginners may find themselves left wondering why the prices are so volatile. There are a plethora of factors that drive the value and price of cryptocurrency, such spil supply and request, energy usage, difficulty of mining, public perception, and much more.

Supply and Request

Supply and request is defined spil “ the amount of goods and services that are available for people to buy compared to the amount of goods and services that people want to buy”. If the amount available is lower than what is demanded by the public, prices are higher by the laws of supply and request. Ter cryptocurrency this simply means that the amount of a certain coin available to be mined verses the request for this coin will affect the price of said coin.

For example, Bitcoin has 21 million entire units, that can be divided 100 million times. If 1 billion people were to adopt Bitcoin, the available units would be spread fairly lean, causing the price vanaf coin to rise significantly to meet the request.

Energy Usage

To waterput it simply, it takes energy to secure blockchains. Mining each coin takes a certain amount of energy. This usage is enhanced with the difficulty of mining, which ter turn will drive up the price of that coin.

Difficulty to Mine

The more secure a blockchain is, the tighter it is to mine. This difficulty level affects the value of a cryptocurrency te several ways. The increase of energy used to mine thesis more difficult chains raises prices, spil well spil the perceived value of more secure blockchains by the public.


It may seem evident, but if a currency is hard or unlikely to use, it’s value may plummet to little or nothing. Be it for investments or payments, cryptocurrencies vereiste be useful to be valuable.


Many argue that the public’s perception of a cryptocurrency could have the thickest influence on the value of that currency. That is simply to say that the reputation of a currency affects how much the public is willing to pay. Well known currencies such spil Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether, for example, are going to have a price that reflects their popularity. Conversely, startups and smaller cryptocurrencies may have a puny following but are uncommonly known by the general public, keeping the price to and market cap low. A major factor te the public perception can be media coverage. Like any other product or service, the media reporting on Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies ter either a positive or negative way will shove the prices up or down.

Market Dilution

Market dilution will naturally affect currencies such spil Bitcoin, Litecoin,, and Ether significantly less than smaller currencies. With fresh cryptocurrencies becoming available every day, many without any real innovation or enlargened utility, fresh currencies may fight to build up any traction.


Some cryptocurrencies are developed to scam users into investing ter a coin with grand promises of the most advanced technology. Thesis scams are often “premined” by developers, meaning they hold a large amount of the coin supply before the market release. When the coin is gains te value, they quickly dump their coin causing a crash te value for investors and theoretically earning them large amounts of money. Thesis scams are hard to prove at this time, and te some places even unlikely. You can read about other scams ter this article.

Not only can thesis scams cause the price of the currency being “premined” to fall when they are exposed, the publicity can negatively influence the perception of cryptocurrency spil a entire, decreasing the value.


Albeit this applies to all cryptocurrencies, it is especially so te smaller ones. Investors can (inadvertently or intentionally) affect the price of a currency te a number of ways. With a large amount of capital, they buy large percentages of the supply and promote the coin ter hopes that they fluff up the price. Sometimes a large investment te smaller coins can cause unprecedented rises or falls te price unexpectedly. Lastly, when people see that investors are certain to invest te a coin, they may find themselves encouraged to go after suit.


The value and price of cryptocurrency has numerous factors. Wij’ve covered many of them, but te brief the value of thesis currencies is defined by consumers. Whether the supply isn’t meeting the request, a negative report causes a major deepthroat to a currencies reputation, or an investor causes a large surge te the pricing, the driving force of this industry is the people investing and trading for a multitude of reasons.

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