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Another major hardware producer may venture into the GPU market very soon. Motherboard manufacturer Asrock is reportedly going to offerande fresh products for cryptocurrency mining te April. Presently, the company likes strong request from crypto miners for its motherboards. Mining equipment shipments boosted its sales ter 2018.

Asrock May Suggest Miners an Alternative

Hardware manufacturer Asrock is reportedly programma to come in the movie cards market spil soon spil next month. The company may introduce its own graphics processing unit (GPU) based on AMD chips, according to Techpowerup. Thesis can be used ter cryptocurrency mining applications. Radeon processors are considered very efficient at mining some popular cryptocurrencies. The GPUs are mainly utilized te equipments processing transactions for altcoins like ethereum and monero.

If the mining sector maintains its momentum, the company’s earnings vanaf share may come back to $0.31 USD te 2018, the Taiwanese Digitimes reported, quoting market observers. Asrock has announced consolidated revenues of overheen $313 million and netwerk profits of about $16 million for 2018.

Last year the company eyed enlargening sales of its high-end motherboards. It is also producing low-cost and server motherboards, spil well spil consumer oriented networking products. Te January 2018, Asrock reported 35.05% year-on-year increase of its revenues.

The positive results came after a period of feeble show ter 2016, when the company sold under Four million motherboards. That’s less than half the volume ter previous years, Digitimes notes. The 2018 sales are mainly due to enlargened shipments of mid-range to high-end motherboards, but also strong sales of motherboards used te cryptocurrency mining applications. Asrock diversified its product portfolio, suggesting IPC and server motherboards, spil well. The budge wasgoed intended to reduce its reliance on the consumer sector.

Is There Any Slagroom te the GPU Market?

The news about Asrock’s plans comes after reports suggesting that major card manufacturers expect decreasing request from cryptocurrency miners. Several weeks ago Advanced Micro Systems announced intentions to increase production of movie cards ter response to strong market request. More recently, however, the company indicated that fresh crypto market and regulatory risks can affect its GPU sales. Decreasing request from miners is likely to influence its business decisions this year. Asrock’s possible entry would also affect the supply of AMD processors to other card vendors.

According to some publications, the other leading GPU producer Nvidia has shoved back plans to introduce fresh movie processing units. It has bot rumored that the company is going to expose a fresh “Turing” graphics card for mining applications. Zometeen, it wasgoed reported that no fresh products would be announced until at least July. On top of that, Turing may eventually be suggested spil just another gaming GPU. The launch of the next-gen Ampere architecture ter the consumer segment may also be postponed. Earlier, Nvidia had asked retailers to limit the number of graphics cards that could be purchased ter bulk to ensure gamers get their share.

What are your expectations for developments te the GPU mining market? Share your thoughts ter the comments section below.

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