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Monero (XMR) is one of the more latest cryptocurrencies that has gained popularity due to its concentrate on maintaining the privacy of the parties involved ter the transaction spil well spil the true value of the transaction.

If you still find yourself asking “what is Monero” check out the previous articles ter this series.

XMR Mining is very popular spil it requires a standard PC with CPU or Graphics cards (or a combination of the two) and does not require massive amounts of electric current consumption to be successful. This article will concentrate on the monero mining hardware you’ll need to get began.

Monero Mining Hardware

XMR Mining is a favourite amongst miners because of the simpleness of the equipment needed to get commenced. The mining algorithm is compatible with both CPU and GPU’s which makes Monero mining enormously profitable and it can be mined on laptops spil well spil standard desktop computers and can be run on almost any operating system. The more CPU’s or GPU’s you have the more coins you will mine.

Albeit XMR can be mined using CPU’s or GPU’s, the profitability of mining will be based on the upfront cost of the hardware spil well spil the ongoing cost of energy consumption while mining. Energy costs differ depending on the location of the equipment, so it is advisable to compare the profitability inbetween the two before determining which to use (or various combinations of the two). Monero mining calculators can be found at

Best Monero GPU

Spil mentioned, the profitability of mining for Monero is based on the quality and hash rate of the GPU that you have purchased and the violet wand consumption. According to, the best GPU for XMR mining is the XFX Core Edition Raedon R9 295×,Two. Considered to be the fasted Graphics card available, with eight gigabytes of memory and more than 11.Five teraflops of computing power. Predicted profit ratios of up to 267% are mentioned.

Best Monero CPU

Spil with GPU’s, the hashrate versus the tens unit consumption determines the best CPU to use. rates Intel XEON CPU’s spil the most efficient and profitable for mining Monero. Top of the Xeon list is the INTEL XEON CPU E5-2699 V4 Two.20Ghz, which has a hashrate of 1910 vanaf 2nd and uses 145 Watts of tens unit.

Cryptonight ASIC miner

The hashing algorithm used for Monero mining ,Cryptonight,runs so efficiently on CPU’s and GPU’s that the benefits of an ASIC would not add sufficient value to justify the cost. Monero mining is not ASIC resistant, it is just impractical and to date no ASIC’s have bot developed for XMR.

XMR mining: Final thoughts

If you want to increase your mining profitability, think about joining a Monero mining pool where you join your resources with other miners and increase the number of block solved.

Another option is to look at Monero Cloud mining instead of building and buying your own equipment. Please listig here to learn more about cloud mining.

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to get into Monero spil an investment, you can skip all this hassle by going straight to a Monero Exchange and simply purchasing some.

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