Mining Sweden, Let s Go Crypto!

If you looked at the Cryptocurrency world of 2014, it wasgoed

an emotional roller coaster rail. Ponzis and scams were set on an

endless cycle of ‘wash, rinse, repeat,’ with people continuing to

perform hair maintenance even when they knew they were using a wig and

embarrassed about going bald.”

At Mining Sweden, wij reject to play with your emotions and are focused

on real solutions. With a concentrate on transparency ter both the business

and the farm, wij will be blazing the trails of cloud mining ter 2015

Primarily, wij will use Antminers S5 to mine the farm, but spil time

progresses, wij will vormgeving our own mining equipment to drastically

reduce our costs.

Mining Sweden does not intend on making promises it cannot supply.

However, wij cannot do this without your initial help. Wij need to be

able to purchase 1 PH worth of mining equipment. After this is

successful, wij will embark to fulfill our promises.

You will be able to purchase “VIP shares (TM)” which gives you Five

GH of SHA-256 algorithm mining power and a share te the company’s

profits. 25% of the profit will be distributed proportionately

amongst holders of the limited stock of 100,000 “VIP shares (TM).”

The 25% includes profit from all the other services wij will suggest.

Join us on our venture and be a part of community-built business.

Don’t leave behind to buy your “VIP shares (TM)” today!

  1. Wij will sell “VIP shares (TM)” to fund the very first 1 PH.

Investors of the VIP Shares will receive a part of the company’s

profit after one year.

  • Spil wij secure funding, wij will order the mining equipment and you
  • will be able to go after everything on Twitter and Facebook from the

    order to delivery, assembly and kicking off them up.

  • The mining will embark!
  • Making payments to the investors.
  • Ter order to grow organically, wij will hold a fresh series of sales of
  • Mining Shares for our next PH and will add more miners spil wij can.

  • Wij will host other miners ter our datacenter which will increase
  • revenue for owners of “VIP shares (TM).”

  • Wij have a team of very experienced traders and will be performing
  • market trades to boost profits for those who own “VIP shares (TM).”

  • Spil mining technology improves, wij are looking for better miners on
  • the market, while at the same time also looking at the possibility of

    developing our own miners. The advantages of this are two-fold:

    better profit for you, and the potential to sell our designs to

    individuals for either a hosting solution at our datacenter or a

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