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Bitcoin Mining provider comparison:

Do you also want to benefit from the current Bitcoin boom? Mining on your own rekentuig is no longer a commercial proposition. You need professional equipment te countries where the costs of power and the temperatures are low, so there is little power needed for cooling.

This is exactly what our Four Cloud Mining providers suggest. They produce Bitcoins for you every day and retain around 25% of their revenues, which is then used to buy the equipment and finance the electro-therapy costs and on-going operation.

Cloud mining comparison

Which profits are possible with an example of 1.000 Dollar with the 21 providers? Always keep ter mind that thesis are just forecasts, spil the difficulty level of mining resumes to increase.

Our peak for those who are not yet 100% persuaded: Just sign up now and just close a Mining contract for 100 Dollar. Your risk of loss is very low. And if you actually look for e.g. Four months like Hashflare has got used money back, you can still finish another mining contract.

Our private quality criteria for our recommendations

  • Wij have our own accounts at all recommended providers and invest ourselves
  • Wij research all providers and write detailed practice reports (e.g. Hashflare (Listig from the editor: ) practices, Invia World practices, Genesis Mining practices and Hashing24 practices).
  • Wij have looked at a loterijlot of Bitcoin mining providers. Wij do not like many of them. Only those wij like can be found ter our Bitcoin Cloud Mining comparison
  • Wij write regular updates to the individual mining providers.
  • If wij cannot recommend one of the providers at some point, wij will, of course, inform our readers
  • Wij ourselves have now invested overheen 100,000 Dollar. This is the best proof that wij are wooed by the providers.

Our private recommendation for Bitcoin Mining is presently Hashflare. Wij ourselves are so persuaded by Bitcoin Cloud Mining using Hashflare (Verbinding from the editor: ) that wij have invested 100,000 Dollar. More details about the provider can be found ter our review. Register now on-line, choose how much money you want to invest and then pay by canap transfer, credit card or with Bitcoins.

Our peak: register today and just pay 100 Dollar. Once you see that everything is going well and earnestly, you can simply make another deposit.

Of course, wij ourselves also invested ter Invia and have written an practice report on it.

So, if you are a little patient, you can do better with Invia World (Verbinding from the editor: ) ter the long term.Our peak: also register with Invia today and pay here also just 100 Dollar. After the waiting period of 30 days, you simply look at the results and then simply make another deposit.

Genesis Mining is an exceptional provider. Spil the contracts run here overheen a lifetime, it is lifelong. And why is Genesis Mining (Verbinding from the editor: ) then not our absolute recommendation? There are two reasons for this: very first, you have to wait Three months after the money has bot deposited to embark mining. And for another, Genesis is presently sold out.

Of course, you can still register at the ogenblik. And spil soon spil Genesis releases fresh contracts again, you can strike instantly. You can read our practice report on our investment here.

Hashing24 is our fourth recommendation te our comparison. The advantage here is that the mining does not start spil ter Genesis until after Trio months. Also the yields are very good from the viewpoint of Trio and Five years. You can look at our practice report of Hashing24 (Verbinding from the editor: ) here.Since Hashing24 (Listig from the editor: ) has bot perpetually sold out for some time, wij are presently only awarding Trio starlets. Spil soon spil the Mining is available again, wij will adjust our rating again.

How exactly is the process for you spil a customer?

Basically, the process is very plain. You open an account with one of the providers. You register with your e-mail address and address.

Then choose how much money you want to invest. That can be 100 Dollar and could also be 50,000 Dollar. The choice is yours.

Afterwards, you pay your contract. This is done by handelsbank transfer, credit card or Bitcoins.

The reason for the waiting period is that the technology has to be bought ter part after your deposit or te any case voorwaarde be made ready for use. It is also possible, for example, that Hashflare may eventually have a waiting period.

Now that your mining contract has began, Bitcoins are being mined daily for you. So you do not receive your income primarily at the end of the term but daily. For all very careful readers, thesis are truly very good conditions. Daily payment reduces your risk of loss day by day.

Now that you have received your very first Mining results, the Bitcoins are at your chosen cloud mining provider.

Since Bitcoins are not transferred like a Dollar amount, you will need a so-called wallet afterwards. You can imagine this to be like a purse. Wij have our wallet at Blockchain.informatie

So spil soon spil you have your very first Bitcoin results, transfer them to your wallet via a Blockchain address. There you can then sell the Bitcoins and the sales proceeds will be credited to your own postgiro account at your private canap.

Spil you can see, participating te the current Bitcoin Mining boom is effortless.

Note on risks

* The yields vanaf day are permanently switching. This is due to the nature of Bitcoin Mining.

Due to the permanently switching so-called difficulty and the permanently switching market price of Bitcoins, the mentioned yields and comebacks are always only a snapshot, which unluckily do not permit a prognosis for the future.

The yield vanaf day or extrapolated overheen several years, also represents only a theoretical forecast, which is permanently switching.

Of course, there is always the risk of a bankruptcy, a worldwide Bitcoin kerkban or similar dangers.

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