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The cryptocurrency space permits people to create their own business and reach a global audience from day one. MinerDude is one of those projects, spil everyone should be able to access affordable mining. Albeit the company only serves US customers right now, they are attempting to make a name for themselves.

People who have an rente ter mining cryptocurrency may know that graphics cards are still a viable option. Not for Bitcoin mining, vanaf se, but most of the alternative cryptocurrencies can be mined with a smaller investment. However, it’s hard to store five or six GPU’s connected to one motherboard ter a convenient manner. Putting together such a build can be a tedious process spil well.

MinerDude Offers Convenient Mining Solutions

This is where MinerDude comes into the picture, spil they suggest custom-built frames for GPU mining. Anywhere from four to six cards can be supported, and fresh components are used for every build. But the company does not only suggest pre-built hardware configurations.

With a large concentrate on customer service after the sale – which most other companies may tend to overlook – MinerDude sets itself chic from the competition. Phone and remote tech support are both available to MinerDude customers. Moreover, custom-made and bulk orders are available on request. It’s nice to see smaller companies like thesis pack a need for a niche market.

Among the products suggested by MinerDude are the card frames themselves, spil well spil accomplish mining equipments. Frames will embark at US$250, and mining equipments embark at US$Two,299. Depending on how powerful the mining operation has to be, prices may vary. All of thesis equipments are custom-tailored for Ethereum mining, but it is possible to mine altcoins spil well.

Most companies selling mining equipment work on a pre-order voet, and hardly have any devices ter stock. MinerDude is different te that regard, spil all of their products can be purchased and shipped right away. Moreover, all of their products come with free shipping, factory warranty on the parts, and Wifi out of the opbergruimte.

All of the hardware specs can be found on the relevant product pages . Customers purchase a finish equipment, tho’, including a CPU, RAM, SSD, and mining software. Once the client receives the package, they can ass-plug it ter anywhere, set up an Internet connection through wifi – or Ethernet – and begin mining right away.

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