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Serial Cleaner is a dynamic stealth spel, te which the player needs to figure out how to pick the location clean of evidence, while not getting caught. Exploring, experimenting and rapid paced decision making are the key words here. Getting caught and questioned would waterput a black mark on the protagonist’s career and the environment is often crawling with itchy-fingered police officers accompanied by nosy bystanders. The spel uses real-world gegevens to modify gameplay according to the time of day ter player’s location.

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The expansion also includes other fresh enemies, missions, environments and enhanced depth of strategic gameplay.

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Death Squared can be liked by a single, two or four players, but the practice is at its best te multiplayer. Two bots can be split inbetween two controllers or a twee can be waterput te the forearms of one person, with each bot mapped to a separate joystick on the controller. Four-player opens a entire fresh set of levels, designed for a larger group and puinhoop.

Originally released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Death Squared is also available now on Nintendo Switch.

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DeadCore is also available today on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Interstellar Vrachtvervoer will arrive via Steam Early Access on August 16th.

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The look and content of the Labyrinth will be unique te each fresh spel: floors maps, monsters, treasures and hiding places, and even properties of found and created objects will be randomly generated by you. Each time you’ll get a unique practice and find fresh ways to your objective.

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Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae plunges the Hero into a decades-old mystery and a battle against a hideous, ancient evil known spil The Tenebrae. The stakes have never bot higher, but our hero won’t face this threat alone. Friends and foes both fresh and old await you, spil you fight to detect the truth behind a powerful secret that will jiggle the Two Worlds universe to its core.

You will play through Ten+ hours of gameplay and practice Antaloor with a major HD engine update.

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