KoCurrency: Cryptocurrency Price Predictions Toneelpodium

Join 6796 other cryptocurrency and blockchain investors te a quest to maximize profit and find fresh crypto opportunities. Sign up to embark using our machine learning verhoging that learns from the investment decisions of the smartest members of the crowd.

KoCurrency is selling our very first round of KoCoins ter order to inject the very first round of tokens into ter our podium. Only Legal million KoCoins will everzwijn be minted and only Five million KoCoins are being released during our very first token sale. How many KoCoins would you like to buy? Cost = $0.6 / each.

$0.60 / KoCoin

KoCoins are digital currency and fuel for the KoCurrency network. Spil the network fluctuates ter value, the value of KoCoins will also fluctuate. There is still time left to buy or mine KoCoins today.

  • Initial Coin Injection 1.5%

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Traditionally wij’ve bot compelled to rely on fundamental or technical analysis when making investment decisions. Now KoCurrency provides an slim machine learning application which helps monitor the behavior of the most successful members of the crowd to help inform decisions. Shorten your learning curve by finding out exactly what triggers top performers to take act.

Increase the statistical certainty of your investment decisions by enlisting the help of brainy crowd and machine learning technologies to help inform your next crypto investment decisions. Our algorithm is designed to give investors te the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche actionable investment advice by looking at gegevens sets with clear “buy”, “sell” or “avoid” indicators.

Don’t rely on guesswork and intuition. Let gegevens make the call.

Users earn intelligence tokens (seen to the left) te exchange for making our toneelpodium smarter. Users do this by pledging intelligence on intelligence contracts within our network. Users have the option to “metselspecie out” for the gegevens they’ve contributed to the network. If you’re a savvy crypto investor, sign up today to embark earning bitcoin for your investment insights.

All users embark out with 1000 intelligence tokens. Intelligence tokens cannot be purchased. The only way to earn more intelligence tokens is to pledge intelligence correctly on intelligence contracts to win the losers’ Intelligence tokens. Our central learning machine (called KoCloud) keeps track of each user’s show and can therefore zero ter on the activity of the smartest members of our verhoging te a quest to output increasingly more accurate predictions.

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