IPro Network Review: Professional coin cryptocurrency with cashback

The iPro Network webstek provides no information about where the company is based out of. It does however name Armando Contreras spil iPro Network’s CEO.

Curiously, the iPro Network webstek claims Contreras (right) has possessed ‘multinational businesses te various industries Travel, Insurance, IT, and Live Event Conference’. He also purportedly ‘overheen 15 years practice ter onmiddellijk sales industry’.

Yet I couldn’t find anything about Contreras non-MLM or MLM businesses. That’s pretty strange for “over 15 years” of network marketing practice.

I’m not telling Contreras’ corporate bio is fully made up, but the lack of verifiable third-party information (or even a professional footprint) is very suspicious.

Read on for a utter review of the iPro Network MLM chance.

iPro Network Products

iPro Network has no retailable products or services of its own, with affiliates only able to market iPro Network affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up iPro Network affiliates invest te Professional coin.

iPro Network voorkeur there will be 15 billion Voor coins circulated, with a embarking value of Two.Five cents each.

Professional coin is not publicly tradeable and is presently only available via an iPro Network affiliate membership.

The company has also announced plans to launch a “Retail Discount Platform”, through which holders of Voor Coin (affiliates) can purchase products and services from third-party retailers.

A rebate is available on purchases made through the toneelpodium, paid to affiliates ter Voor coin.

A company by the name of “Pro Commerce” seems to be developing Professional coin, spil well spil the e-commerce toneelpodium (Voor Prizes).

Carlos Contreras is the cited “project founder” of Professional Commerce. Whether he’s related to iPro Network’s Armando Contreras is unclear.

The iPro Network Compensation Project

The iPro Network compensation project sees affiliates invest te Voor coin. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Note that 70% of commissions earned by iPro Network affiliates are paid ter specie. The remaining 30% is paid te Voor coin.

Recruitment Commissions

When an iPro Network affiliate recruits a fresh affiliate who invests ter Voor coin, they are paid a 10% recruitment commission.

  • recruit a $100 package affiliate and receive $Ten
  • recruit a $500 package affiliate and receive $50
  • recruit a $1500 package affiliate and receive $150
  • recruit a $2500 package affiliate and receive $250
  • recruit a $5500 package affiliate and receive $550

Residual Commissions

iPro Network pay residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an iPro Network affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

The very first level of the binary team houses two positions. The 2nd level of the binary team is generated by splitting thesis very first two positions into another two positions each (Four positions).

Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated te the same manner, with each fresh binary level housing twice spil many positions spil the previous level.

Positions te the binary team are packed via onmiddellijk and officieus recruitment of fresh iPro Network affiliates. Note there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

At the end of each week iPro Network tally up investment volume on both sides of the binary team.

Affiliates are paid a 10% commission on investment volume generated on the weaker side of their team.

Unmatched volume on the stronger binary side is carried overheen.

Note that weekly residual binary commissions are capped, based on how much an affiliate invested when they signed up:

  • Basic affiliates are capped at $500
  • Intermediate affiliates are capped at $2500
  • Accelerated affiliates are capped at $7500
  • Advanced affiliates are capped at $12,000
  • Professional affiliates are capped at $35,000

Matching Premie

iPro Network affiliates earn a 10% matching toeslag on residual commissions on up to four levels of recruitment (unilevel):

How many levels the matching premie is paid out on is determined by how much an iPro Network affiliate invested when they signed up:

  • Basic affiliates do not earn a matching toeslag
  • Intermediate affiliates earn the matching verzekeringspremie on level 1
  • Accelerated affiliates earn the matching premie on levels 1 and Two
  • Advanced affiliates earn the matching toeslag on levels 1 to Three
  • Professional affiliates earn the matching premie on levels 1 to Four

Leadership Rank Toeslag

The Leadership Rank Toeslag is a rank-based toeslag, corresponding with qualification of the following iPro Network affiliate ranks:

  • Professional 1 – $50
  • Professional Two – $200
  • Professional Three – 1% premie commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
  • Voor Four – 1.5% toeslag commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates (Voor Three ranked affiliates reduce the percentage to 0.5%)
  • Voor Five – 2% verzekeringspremie commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates (0.5% paid on recruited Voor Four ranked affiliate teams and 1% on Voor Three ranked teams)
  • Voor 6 – Two.5% toeslag commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates (0.5% paid on recruited Professional Five ranked affiliate teams, 1% on Professional Four ranked teams and 1.5% on Voor Three ranked teams)
  • Voor 7 – 3% verzekeringspremie commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates (0.5% paid on recruited Voor 6 ranked affiliate teams, 1% on Voor 6 ranked teams, 1.5% on Voor Four ranked teams and 2% on Professional Three ranked teams)

A “ranked team” refers to the rank of a personally recruited affiliate and their downline.

Eg. You recruit an affiliate who eventually qualifies at Professional Trio. That affiliate’s downline (which is within your own downline) is now a Professional Three ranked team.

Note iPro Network have not publicly disclosed affiliate rank qualification requirements.

Joining iPro Network

iPro Network affiliate membership is $50 plus a immovable investment ter one of the following five packages:

The primary difference inbetween the investment packages is income potential via the iPro Network compensation project.


Despite the intense marketing of iPro Network’s planned Retail Discount Podium, there are two disconnects that need to be addressed.

The very first is whether or not third-party merchants will be accepting Professional coin or fiat currency on the backend.

The impression I got wasgoed that iPro Network were just suggesting a regular affiliate network, on top of which they’re overlaying Voor coin.

That is to say while it looks like you’re paying for goods and services te Professional coin, on the backend iPro Network are sending fiat currency to merchants.

If merchants are accepting Professional coin off the bat, who are they and given Professional coin is not publicly tradeable, how are they converting Voor coin to a currency they can run their businesses on?

The 2nd disconnect is that whatever does or doesn’t toebijten on the Retail Discount Verhoging is entirely detached from the MLM chance.

iPro Network’s MLM suggesting is a speculative investment chance, no different to the mountain of MLM altcoins already launched.

Affiliates sign up, invest money, receive non-publicly tradeable tokens te exchange and hope the price goes up – so that eventually they can contant out.

With Voor coin not being publicly tradeable, iPro Network wholly control the value of the coin – which is the same old Ponzi points story wij’re all pretty familiar with now.

Fresh investment eventually dries up, iPro Network are starved of metselspecie and affiliates are kasstuk with withdrawal problems.

Pay to play is also a compliance kwestie, with the more an affiliate invests resulting te a higher income potential.

Speaking of compliance issues, the iPro Network webstek claims Armando Contreras has ‘a global management teams with a specialized US attorney’.

A quick search of the SEC’s Edgar database meantime turns up nothing for iPro Network.

iPro Network are fairly obviously suggesting a security by way of affiliate investment packages. Without suitable registration with the SEC, iPro Network are committing securities fraud.

With Alexa presently estimating overheen 90% of traffic to the iPro Network webstek originates out of the US, this is a major crimson flag that should not be overlooked.

The Achilles’ Intact of every MLM altcoin is usability of the coin outside of the income chance.

The only buyers and therefore users of Professional Coin are speculative affiliate investors investing thousands of dollars. For no other reason than they hope to metselspecie out a ROI at zometeen stage.

This isn’t going to attract legitimate merchants who directly accept Professional coin, which te turn means nobody but affiliates are going to use the coin.

Retail customers (non-affiliates) aren’t going to go anywhere near it.

Once all the pyramid recruitment commissions have bot paid out and brief of continued artificial manipulation by the issuer of the coin, ultimately iPro Network affiliates will be left holding yet another worthless MLM altcoin.

Update 29th April 2018 – Spil of April 27th, ProCurrency (formerly Professional Coin) is now publicly tradeable.

The current public value of the coin is 8 cents.

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195 Comments on “iPro Network Review: Professional coin cryptocurrency with cashback”

The only informatie that I need to deem this spil another scam, is that the OneCoin Ponzi pimps here ter USA are flocking to it.

Now that their previous scam is drying up rapid, pumpers like Dr. Pauze Wind(farts) are promoting this fresh crap. Unbelievable, they didn’t even take time to mourn the loss of their OneCrap scheme!

But, they are incapable to sign up any fresh recruits to OneCrap te USA. So, they stir on to the next junk out there!

“Pro is the Future of Commerce.” Deja vu.

There’s a chicken and egg problem here, well more than one indeed but Voor Commerce (or Professional Currency, not sure which they are going with) is, or at least pretends to be a separate entity from iPro Network even thought they seem to be launching more or less at the same time and both are being lead by a person named Contreras (perhaps they’re not related).

iPro Network seems to be Voor Commerce only with a chain recruiting pay project and Professional Commerce seems to be a legitimate effort at an e commerce toneel that can only be harmed by an association with a pyramid scheme (assuming it can get itself off the ground without extra funding).

Professional Commerce raised a bit better than $80K te their Initial Coin Suggesting (think IPO only without anything even remotely like a securities registration) which should keep the lights on at their huis office (where everzwijn the hell that is) for a little while at least.

But their goals, such spil capturing 1% of the global commerce market (pagina 27 of their whitepaper) are far more grandiose. They need outside funding. Is that where iPro Network comes ter?

So, is Professional Commerce an attempt at being a legitimate company that just so happens to be a tailor made pyramid sales pitch for the Tom McMurrain’s of the world or are they merely denying that they are acting spil a vooraanzicht end for iPro Network?

Ter the end it generally doesn’t matter. McMurrian’s chickens turn into goose eggs for almost all the people he cons into joining the schemes he promotes and this wont be different.

Something is wrong with that photo of “Armando Contreras”.

I attempted searching for that picture. It ONLY exists on ipronetworks.

And what’s Indeed interesting about it is it’s Alpha-channel masked, i.e. it’s bot CUT OUT of a regular background. It’s ALREADY bot digitally manipulated so it can go overheen ANY BACKGROUND. The opstopping itself is even called “Armando-cutout.jpg”.

And you’d think he can at least afford to buy a T-shirt that has the right size neck corset, eh? Yet this T-shirt is clearly 1 size too puny.

It may help to connect the dots from whomever dr. breakthrough’s upline recruiters from onecoin te the US were. Ter order to figure out the origin of this fresh scam, which they’ve leaped to.

I know that he is pumping this fresh junk.

Dr. Breakthrough’s upline recruiters are Maurice Kattz (sp?) and Sal Leto, from what I’ve waterput together.

The two are (or seem to be) “silent promoters” te that they use Onmiddellijk communication thesis days, spil opposed to social media (other than some Twitter posts by the former).

Out emerges that Maurice is tied into the banking world, particularly that of Herve LaCorne (specifically the “moonlearning” bounty code/ money laundering channel).

I suspect/ know this because of two reasons:

1.) I attended Onecoin’s pathetic “USA launch” te Downey, California te June 2015, and

Two.) inwards information tells mij that both are very active ter building networks outside the USA, and particularly Africa.

This it’s where I learned of Maurice’s affiliation with (but not limited to) the moonlearning channel.

Something is wrong with that photo of “Armando Contreras”.

I attempted searching for that picture. It ONLY exists on ipronetworks.

The same goes for Carlos Contreras (his supposed son?) who has just collected $70k thru ICOing procurrency to Asian kids.

They can be tracked to a Stanton CA street where a Contreras family live, but not a Carlos. The entire thing is a boring joke.


Are they even pretending to sell anything?

Pretty much looks like a OneCoin clone.

The talking points that are being promoted by ex-onecoiners are that this is going to be even better than onecoin, because instead of waiting on merchants, they are putting the merchants very first and letting the Voor Coin build up te value.

They predict that it will go from Four cents a coin to $8.00 a coin by end of 2018. They are hooting and hollering that $Five,500.00 sign-up will earn them $80,000.00 by end of year.

And I say ex-onecoiners, because they have bot told here te USA not to promote anymore (even behind closed doors). But, they still believe that OneCoin will make them filthy rich some day.

Once signed up iPro Network affiliates invest te Voor coin.

thesis days there are a loterijlot of cryptocoin pump and dump scams. thesis days there are also a loterijlot of MLM scams dealing with fake crypto’s [eg, onecoin] or valueless crypto’s [ eg, GCR coin].

with procoin [PROC] somebody has sat down and worked out a project to run a pump&,dump and an MLM pyramid te tandem, and reap the comebacks from both scamworlds ter one go!

overheen at bitcointalk.org, tho’ procoin has generated some rente, it is suspected to be a scam due to deficiencies ter its whitepaper, it’s low ICO target, and lack of transparency from the developers.

the procoin ICO [initial coin suggesting] attracted investment due to the development teams accent on ‘usability’ of the coin. the devs had promised an App that would function spil a ‘retail discount app’ via which merchants would pay rebates te procoin.

inspite of meteen questions asked, the devs refused to share any information about whether any merchants had agreed to overeenkomst ter procoins.

te response to questions, procoin devs merely reiterated that the pro-commerce App users could purchase stuff from top retailers like walmart, macy’s etc, and get rebates ter procoin.

now, think of a ‘Dubli’ [the MLM] like App via which you can shop from walmart, macys etc and get cashback. dubli is merely an affiliate marketeer with thesis retailers, it has no special agreement with them.

similarly [i suspect], pro-commerce will be affiliated with top retailers, and instead of providing cashback they will arm out worthless procoins to shoppers on their App [keeping the cashback themselves!]

even tho’ the procoin ICO has ended, the coin has still not bot listed on any cryptocurrency exchange and their App is also running late.

after creating a false impression of ‘usability’ of the procoin, the devs have managed to generate around $80,000 from ICO investors. now they will sell their coins via the ipro-network MLM scheme, and ter the end, make off with some pump and dump money spil well. and of course, the ‘cashback’ from retail sales via their App. its like an algorithm for the maximization of income from a single scammy idea!

tmfp: Something is wrong with that photo of “Armando Contreras”.

I attempted searching for that picture. It ONLY exists on ipronetworks.

The same goes for Carlos Contreras

carlos contreras is real, and is the promoter of pro-commerce spil well spil the developer of procoin:

The cringe level for the intro on that Carlos Contreras vid is overheen 9000.

Dude looks like his mum caught him browsing porn.

anjali: carlos contreras is real, and is the promoter of pro-commerce spil well spil the developer of procoin:

Yeah, I understand that he physically exists, but his bio has the same made up feel spil the other Contreras’ with a similar lack of any Netwerken history.

To quote him re relationship with iPro Networ:

Yes, there most certainly is a professional connection. iPRO Network is one of the early adopters and will be leveraging this project.

They are a marketing and ecommerce podium that will use Voor currency. They will promote online products and bring awareness to.

“IPN is just one of many merchants looking to participate and bring exposure to this ICO launch.

I feel I’m missing something here.

The only procoin te circulation are those bought during the ICO. Investards paid real Bitcoin, ostensibly to be used spil work te progress finance to pursue development of the (dead te the water) retail contant back strategy and further smash onzerzijds.

About Two.5m procoins were sold to raise this money, out of a total of of 15 billion. The majority of those unsold coins are being escrowed to give credibility, with a still massive amount (25%) under discretional control of the devs, te theory only to be used ter the coin back App on which all this nonsense is strung up.

The other 75% are milestone released by escrow against future Apps.

Zuigeling Contreras also says

Only coins te circulation will be the coins sold te ICO, and those given out by our Coin Back Prize App.

So I’m fighting to see how iPro affiliates are going to get their procoins te any numbers thru the present distribution system, without instantly ringing hulpgeroep bells.

tmfp: So I’m fighting to see how iPro affiliates are going to get their procoins ter any numbers thru the present distribution system, without instantly ringing hulpgeroep bells.

they have an app with some ‘educational courses’ on it, on completion of which people will receive procoins spil prizes. maybe people investing te the ipro network will be provided thesis courses and receive procoins spil prizes, which will be released from the escrowed coin? just a guess.

you could pose this question on bitcointalk.org where a dev called ‘patriarch’ [carlos contreras??] steps ter from time to time to give updates and reaction questions.

this is the procoin thread:

anjali: they have an app with some ‘educational courses’ on it, on completion of which people will receive procoins spil prizes.

That wouldn’t release them te the amount and time scale necessary to sate the MLM team expectations imo.

Yes, I’m aware of the thread, if you read it thru you’ll find a number of posts from mij pointing out the absurdity of it all until I got bored with talking to my mitt, with a motley selection of shills single mindedly persuading each other that this nonsense has merit.

It’s sorta interesting the ways the Professional Commerce sales pitch te the bitcointalk thread linked above differ from the iPro Network pitch ter the following movie:

Very first off the narrator of this and several other iPro movies is Daniel Pacheco. He’s a veteran of PureLeverage, True Specie Network, several Randy Jeffers’ companies (and on to Switches Worldwide) but when I witnessed a movie where Danny introduced himself spil a co-founder of Lucrazon Global I knew iPro Network had the precies type of person they needed to launch the type of company they seem to want to be.

Skip the very first ten+ minutes of that vid, its nothing but vapid marketing twaddle and isn’t even about iPro network.

@13:30 wij see a slide with iPro’s count them, one, two, three marketing platforms. They have retail sales possibilities coming out their butt.

The very first is their rebate prizes app spil seen on the ProCommerce webstek. 4K+ merchants are already claimed to be enrolled. Purchases seem to be made te fiat but instead of rewarding you with the same they give you ProCoin instead (which has more than doubled te imagined value already and it hasn’t even launched yet).

2nd (@16:55) is DealShaker the e Marketplace. Vendors selling here voorwaarde agree to take inbetween 20 and 100% Procoin for items sold here. Since one major concentrate of iPro’s education packages is to train affiliates how to sell crap online it’s a sane guess that the affiliates are expected to become a large part of this vendor network (look how well it’s working for OneCoin).

@17:50 they introduce the 3rd sales verhoging, the iPN Professional Mall which will have the same sort of high quality items you’d find on Amazon only at deeply discounted prices and all purchases will be in100% ProCoin. I’m pretty sure I don’t believe a word of this, perhaps they’ll prove mij wrong.

@19:30 they launch into iPro Network’s affiliate membership packages. I picked this particular movie because it did a better job than others of explain one single point I’ve seen some confusion about.

The base level package ($100) comes with a 100% “coin back rebate.” This isn’t the percentage of rebate an affiliate can earn off of purchases through the apps spil some are telling, it can only mean that if you buy a $100 package, ter addition to what I’m sure are just some indeed excellent marketing movies you also receive 100 ProCoin (presently alleged to be worth $Four). The $Five.5K package nets you 6,050 Procoin.

Yet listen to the 27 minute mark ter the movie, it indeed does sound like they are claiming the 100+% rebates are on retail purchases through their app. But that doesn’t make a eat of sense, unless they’re pitching this overeenkomst to the people who purchased their financial education from OneCoin.

Related movie: Monero payouts missing more than a month te Genesis Mining

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