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Lately the D3 mining equipment of Antminer with X11 algorithm are arriving late and all of a sudden. Dozens of owners of this proefje precisely demonstrate their concern.

Is it the fault of the X11 algorithm or the slow delivery and unexpected price druppel?

Deliveries of the D3 miner zometeen than everzwijn

The main and most significant ter the acquisition of a D3 miner, is its rapid amortization. From the purchase until wij receive it at huis, it can take a month. If wij add that ter the meantime, the difficulty of mining and the prices do not accompany, wij worry. Wij may even think that it has bot a bad purchase and a disappointing investment.

The community of miners has voiced its outrage by showcasing delays te shipments and slow waiting at customs. Of course you have to pay taxes, but since your reception at customs and subsequent payment, the days are extended. Meantime, there are parts of the world such spil China and the USA that receive their equipment almost instantaneously. They embark up and the difficulty of mining means that the benefits are only few or almost zero ter the very first months.

Precisely for the petite miners, who want to decentralize our work, it makes us even more difficult.

Lots sent plusteken masse no longer rente

Wij would like to believe that the company responsible for the D3 Antminer, manufactures and ships according to request. Te addition, large mining companies are those that receive the equipment before, enlargening the difficulty and obtaining the benefits te those initial months.

The puny mining investor has no choice but to look “stunned” at his little benefit.

Spil a result of more than 40 days of waiting and an bruusk growth of power, many owners of D3 Antminer miners determine to get rid of or sell their equipment spil soon spil they receive them. Many resellers made their purchases thinking about the ongezouten benefit of the retail sale. That is not happening and the secondary lots are stored without being dispatched.

Ter many pages of sale of second-hand goods and mass sale overheen the Internet, they see that they do not come out or rente. To all this voorwaarde be added the descent of one of the main crypto coins DASH, which with the rise of King Bitcoin, has seen its price decline by 30%.

More than one miner has bot frustrated and discouraged, coming to the worst: shutting down the mining of the D3 or selling it at a very low price.

There is still hope for the D3

Albeit mining carries a high risk, specialized algorithms such spil the X11 are trapped te a dead end. Wij can only undermine the crypto currencies and keep them waiting for some day to rise and recover our investment. DASH is the maximum that expects a fine recovery. While Bitcoin predominates upwards, all the altcoins lower their price, except for some.

The mining with D3 Antminer should be corrected soon, but neither its price strafgevangenis results will coax many. The owners of D3 all they have left is to take a deep breath and bear the storm for a while. It is already well known by many that te 2014, it wasgoed not very profitable to mine Bitcoin with an S3 miner. The Bitcoins generated at that time, if wij had saved them, today would be an significant sum of money.

If you can hold the coins and run with expenses, I would not zekering mining with D3. Soon they will rise again and I think a loterijlot.

Many capitals and investors do not yet know the crypto coins. It is expected that ter 2018 the digital market will rise and generate more income.

Wij always have many Altcoins left to mine and who knows, wij kasstuk and wij win.

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