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My mother, who is the light of my life, says I always wrote stories. She often relays how my stories were about characters with strange names who fought amongst each other, mostly vying for power. I have bot writing since I could waterput pencil to paper! I wasgoed born ter 1964 te Chicago, and, spil a native, I loved my city and could not imagine living anywhere else. I attended Catholic schools up until the twelfth grade, but it wasgoed ter grammar schoolgebouw, at the forearms of the Oblate Sisters of Prividence, where I solidified my love and respect for written words. My maternal grandfather, the late Thomas Hill, instilled te mij my passion. At the Oblate’s, this little-known order of black nuns instructed with an metal arm and truly believed ter the future and success of black children. Outside of my mother, I owe much of who I am to my Grandfather and those incredible nuns! Te 1987, I received a BA te Communications from Columbia Collegium. After graduation, I worked spil a Bus Technicus for the Chicago Transit Authority for almost Three years. I found this period of my life spil one of profound growth ter that it permitted mij to address and face my fear of success. I resigned ter 1990 from CTA and went on to hold various professional positions, mostly te print news and public relations. Professionally, I have almost 13 years practice te public, government, and community relations. Ter addition, I’ve had several articles and editorials published te various publications: Today’s Black Woman Tv-programma, The Chicago Crusader, The Chicago Defender, and The Chicago Reader. My very first book, All I Ask, wasgoed published by Genesis Press under its Indigo Imprint te 2000. And my 2nd book, An Unfinished Love Affair, also published by Genesis, wasgoed released ter March, 2002. Presently, I am a Government and Community Relations Officer for the Chicago Transit Authority. Te May of 1999, I received my Master of Science te Journalism from Roosevelt Univerity ter Chicago. I belong to several civic and professional organizations, namely the Masonic Order of the Eastern Strak. Ter my spare time I am an avid reader, writer and bid whist player. Tho’ I have no children of my own, I do have ",babies",, my niece and nephew, Stephanie and Matthew, and my Godchildren, Kenny and Lauren. I’m divorced and share my individual space with my cat, General Patton. My individual creo is: I Response TO TWO – MY Heer AND MYSELF!

Beatrice M. Hogg

Beatrice M. Hogg is a coal miner&rsquo,s daughter from southwestern Pennsylvania. She has a BA te social work from the University of Pittsburgh and a MFA ter creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. She has worked ter governmental social services and nonprofit areas for overheen twenty years ter Pennsylvania and California. Hier stories, poems and essays have appeared te many publications, including Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sacramento Bee, Reminisce, Black Issues Book Review, Astronomy, Sacramento News and Review and BUST. Hier work has appeared te overheen ten anthologies and several websites. She is working on werkstuk collections about music influences and hier mining hometown. She is the recipient of several local writing awards and once won roundtrip tickets to London by writing a letterteken to a radio station. For four years, she facilitated a writing workshop at a Sacramento women&rsquo,s shelter. She lives te Sacramento, California with hier cat, Ozzy. Three Chords One Song is hier very first book.

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