Spel of the Week: Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Russian developers Alex Play Studio released a funny tapper spel based on the hot trend of crypto currency mining. The app exposes no secrets regarding earning Bitcoin, but it entices players instantaneously. A mining-newcomer has to earn by buying movie cards and automatic mining “farms”, and they need to go after the bitcoin-dollar exchange rate. One half of the dev team, Alex tells us about their spel development process and their journey from programming bus controllers to Five million app installs.

How long have you bot developing games? Where did your career te development start?

Wij’ve bot developing games since 2014. My career began from post-graduate training at a factory: I wasgoed programming wegtransport controllers there. My boss didn’t trust mij and talent mij only petite and effortless tasks. Therefore I had a slew of time to read books and practice programming on my own. A year zometeen I learned Javascript basics and attempted to develop my very first “Fortune Ball” app — presently, it has more than Five million downloads. Then I released two parts of the “Eggs” app which were developed ter Two days. Until now, the very first part has gained almost Two million installs and the 2nd one, 900,000. Across fresh games, the most successful are “Oil Magnate” and “DevTycoon: Programmer Simulator”. I made the very first three games on my own, then my university roomie and friend Oleg joined mij.

Tell us more about Bitcoin Mining Simulator — how did you come up with the idea for this spel?

It occurred spontaneously. There wasgoed a loterijlot of whirr about movie cards and Bitcoin ter the media, so I realized that I had to make a spel about cryptocurrency prompt. Wij determined to build gameplay upon the monotonous process of mining to demonstrate that it’s not that funny to mine bitcoins!

How is the gameplay similar to reality? Do you mine yourself te real life?

I can hardly say that the gameplay is realistic — very first of all, it’s a simulator. Wij don’t mine cryptocurrency because wij don’t have the free time for it, we’re busy making games.

Who is your target audience?

Almost everyone: from newborns to elderly miners. You can even divide tasks within a family: for example, a kid mines using the main equipment, and a dad develops other locations and thinks overheen a strategy.

How are you programma to promote the app?

Actually, wij don’t project any promotion already — it has a good organic user flow, we’ve got about 50 000 installs during several days after the release. Originally, announcements were published on social media, we’ve talked to journalists wij know, and the other day a famous Russian blogger played it, which wasgoed indeed useful.

How do you monetize the spel?

Wij earn on advertising — banners at the screen bottom and Rewarded Movie that permits users to get doubled bitcoin amount. We’re not programma on in-app purchases so far tho’.

Do you have any plans on updating this app?

At the embark, there were two locations — the main location and a warehouse. A week after the release wij noticed that the spel is gaining popularity, and released an updated where wij added one more warehouse and one more location. Also, wij brought te in-app dollars which can be switched for bitcoins at a stock exchange and used for buying fresh mining equipment. Recently we’ve added the update with fresh locations — an apartment and a warehouse ter forest. Soon it’ll be the update with a gegevens center location where users can play a mini-game and even steal bitcoins.

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