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Don’t hide your equipment ter the garage! Pridefully place him ter your huis or office.

The very first mining equipment designed for the home—he won’t overwhelm your space with sound or fever. He won’t require a degree te rekentuig science to run.

Drawing about 400 watts/hour Ethan is tuned to be effective and efficient. Running Ethan 24/7 is the simplest way to collect numerous cryptocurrencies for yourself, your organization, or for loved ones ter other countries.

  • Puny enough for a desktop
  • Quiet enough for an office
  • Two (Two) ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini 8GB GDDR5X GPU’s
  • Upgradable components make Ethan future-proof
  • Draws approximately the power of four 100-watt light bulbs
  • Dedicated operating system mines cryptocurrency 24/7

Each equipment is custom-made built one at a time and tested on numerous algorithms. Each GPU is tested for quality and stability. Because your machine is forearm crafted your order will ship from our Texas warehouse te 5-7 days.

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Ordinary Specifications

  • Low-power components
  • Plug-and-Play operation
  • Power Efficient GPUs (mining processors)
  • Rapid wired Ethernet connection 1
  • Plain pre-installed mining Operating System
  • Monitor Ethan’s spectacle from a special web pagina

Geeky Details

  • Ethan employs low-power Intel CPU and low-power NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Ethan’s motherboard is fine-tuned to manage the plain mining OS and nothing more.
  • Ethan is outfitted with an “80 Plus” PSU to provide green power at maximal efficiency.
  • After fine-tuning, Ethan achieves toughly 80 Mh/s-class Ether mining or (960 h/s Zcash mining) vertoning. Two
  • Need geekier details? Use our Voeling form for detailed requests.


  1. Ethan requires a wired Ethernet connection to the internet. A wireless-to-wired adapter is available, if needed.
  2. Voorstelling varies from unit to unit and with the ambient temperature of the slagroom.
  3. Photos represent outside product dimensions and form factor. Interior components will be slightly different from the specimen unit shown.

Setting up your, Ethan Cryptocurrency Mining Machine

Extra information

What’s Inwards?

Ethan Mining Equipment Accomplish Parts List:

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