Do Thesis – Free Bitcoin – Sites Work?

Google the phrase “free bitcoin” and you won’t be disappointed with the number of results. What you will be disappointed with however is the nature of the sites claiming to opoffering “free” bitcoins. Spil the old telling goes: “Nothing te life is free.”

What thesis sites actually do is require you to perform time consuming tasks for a few measly satoshi (0.00000001 Bitcoin) which you will most likely never see ter any useable form spil the sites have payout minimums that are unlikely to reach. I determined to trawl through some of the top results for this search ter an attempt to actually use them.

Bitcoin Prize (bitcoinreward.netwerk)

Very first off this webpagina is amazingly slow when browsing through the various tasks to earn bitcoin. It supposedly pays out every day if you have at least Ten,000 satoshi earned on the webpagina, which is around a measly $0.05 USD at the time of writing. But I could not confirm this spil the only worthwhile tasks where surveys none of which would work. Watching movies only paid out around 3000 satoshi each, and there were only four available regardless.

Bitcoin Get (

This webpagina has a payout threshold of 6000 satoshi. I attempted to finish one of their “tasks” which involved going to google and submitting to the webpagina what recommended searching options I got for a particular search. But the task wasgoed incompletable and I wasted 15 minutes of my time spil a result.

Bit Visitor (

This webpagina lets you earn Bitcoin by visiting a fresh webpagina every five minutes inbetween each you have to inject a captcha. The payout is 60 onvriendelijk, and you get inbetween Two and 0.8 onvriendelijk for each pagina. Not worth even the time you will spend coming in the captchas.

Bitcoins Four Mij (bitcoins4.mij)

Plain, just inject your address. But pay varies inbetween 100 to 500 satoshi for every submit which is limited to once an hour, so unless your time is worth nothing and you can come in a captcha every hour this isn’t worth your time. On top of this you need 5500 satoshi earned to execute a payout.

FreeBitcoins.mij (freebitcoins.mij)

“Shut up and give mij my free bitcoins”

That’s more like it! No more surveys/movies that don’t work right?

This webpagina screams sham. It has two badges at the top of the pagina reading “secure” and “genuine 100% trusted website”, but with no indication of who awarded thesis accolades.

The webpagina turns out to be an elaborate ad for the Bitcoin faucet “” which your “instant bitcoins” are paid into. Evidently the faucet pays out when you get to 5500 satoshi but it show up that you only get 60 satoshi a day. Not worth your time.

Daily Bitcoins (

“Get BTC for free right now!” – Operative word being “now,” from my practice so far I am skeptical.

Once I submitted my address I wasgoed met with a message that read “Soon bitcoins will be sent!” and the promise of a measly Five satoshi. But your balance has to exceed 5500 satoshi before payout can occur. Also, you can only submit once an hour, which earns you about five satoshi. That’s approximately 1100 submits to the webpagina which would mean coming back and re-entering your address every hour for approximately 46 days for the omschrijving of just under $0.03 USD worth of Bitcoin.

I don’t think there is a person on the planet whose time is worth that little.


Basically, for lack of better words, thesis sites are bad and you should never waste your time even entertaining the thought of using them. But then again I think two valuable lessons can be instructed by sites like thesis. Firstly, nothing ter life is free: there is a cost and/or reason fastened to everything. Secondly, if something sounds too good to be true then it very likely is and you should steer clear of it.

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