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hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to commence with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

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You will not be able to mine effectively. I would suggest staying away from mining and attempt to concentrate on learning the basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies.

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effort + skill = “Bitcoin “

hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to embark with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

spil a rookie also my best crypto is bitcoin and i am not sated on mining crypto cause its to hard for beginner. And also cant a ford buying some gpu if some of yours is crash by some hardware problem. I suggest to keep away from it spil of now cause wij don’t have any skill on it how operate miners. Lol i think Instead mining lets just mine by doing any activities here ter forum using our abilities olehgol260

Mining is not what you should commence with. I would also suggest learning more about crypto world and concentrate on trading

hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to commence with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

Hello and welcome.

None if you only have one GPU, especially if it’s an old one such spil the 970. I don’t recommend mining until you have well overheen 100k invested into crypto. And even then, mining is only worth a tho’ if you pay 3-5 cents vanaf KWH. Otherwise don’t bother, since you won’t be able to rival with the industrial scale mining farms (they drive the price down to the pauze even point).

thanks. i guess i should concentrate on the other thing my roomate told mij about, the one where you just leave ur wallet always open and at some point i get a pay out im still reading on the subject but thanks for your honestly guys russianjohhny

hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to embark with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

This is very feeble for mining kripto, and now you do not get the amount that could raise Two years ago, so your direction of trade. Learn, master and maybe you’ll be fortunate ter this direction. luckygirl12

hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to embark with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

Hello i would suggest you voorwaarde upgrade your graphics card very first.If you have enough money i choose gtx 1080ti or gtx 1070ti.The more gpu you have the more earnings you got. platom i have no practice about make my own mining. but if i want to leap into mining, maybe Three questions i need to response:1. current mining difficulties?Two. can i challenge with other miners?Trio. if my hardware violated/faulty. how about repairing cost? still can get profit?

anyway, you still can attempt. good luck.

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hey guys im a bit fresh to this im wondering wich crypto is the best to embark with if i wanna mine. my graphic card is a Nvidia gforce Gtx970

If you want to mine for joy and also have the satisfaction of watching the number of coins appearing our of nowhere, attempt mining SiaCoins with that GTX970.But take note that SiaCoins worth enormously little now. Maybe if you keep it for a few years, it might worth something.

If you want to mine something that is worth more, then attempt to mine Ethereum. But you will mine a long time (months) to get a little fraction of a token. But that little fraction is also worth something given the prices of ETH now is about US$308/ETH.

Go ahead and attempt it to understand how it works. That is how wij all learn.

Spil others have said.. I wouldn’t mine with that card unless you’ve got more than one card even then the newer cards thesis days will mine swifter than the previous gen cards. But spil always you’ve numerous things to take into consideration.Cost for power..If you,re buying fresh equipment – whats the ROIIf you’re using existing equipment. whats the lifetime when running it for mining? Spil it will reduce the lifespan of the components

It shows up the latest gold rush surrounding Ethereum is coming to an end. The price of Ether dipped below $200, and the mining difficulty level leaped by almost 20%. If you’re getting into Ethereum mining now, it’s very likely too late.

Cryptocurrency (also known spil crypto coins or altcoins) found its way back into the public eye te latest months when Ethereum’s value spiked dramatically: At the end of 2016, Ethereum wasgoed worth $8.22 vanaf coin, but by February 28, 2018, the value of Ether doubled to $16.05. On March 6, Ether peaked at $Nineteen.45, and Ten days straks the value more than doubled again, to $43.87. By the end of April, the value of Ether coins began rising again, and by May 6, Ether wasgoed trading for $94.81.

This is around the time that people outside of the crypto-mining toneel began to pay attention, and many leaped into the mining craze–so much so that the worldwide inventory of GPUs wasgoed all but wiped out. Good luck finding an AMD RX 570 or 580 on the shelf, and if you toebijten to find a GTX 1060 or 1070, the price will likely be jacked up through the roof.

Mining isn’t the only craze around Ether. People are buying the coin on exchange markets such spil to get ter on the investment chance. Spil a result, the price of Ether continued to skyrocket through May and well into June. On May 25, the value reached $195.27. The price dipped slightly the following day, but it rallied again and reached the all-time high value of $380.28 on June 13.

Following that peak, the price of Ether began to druppel, and it hasn’t yet begun to recover. At press time, the price is sitting at $198.75—its lowest point since March 29.

Ethereum is ter no way dead, but the chance to make a splendid living from a mining equipment ter your basement is coming to an end. But how can that be? If people were able to make money when Ether wasgoed trading at around $Ten, how could $200 vanaf coin be unprofitable? The response is that the mining difficulty has enlargened at a staggering rate te the very first half of 2018.

Spil Ethereum gains popularity and more mining equipments come online, the total number of processing power on the Ethereum network increases. Spil the network’s capabilities increase, the Ethereum blockchain adjusts the difficulty to keep the rate of processed blocks somewhat onveranderlijk. If it takes less than Ten seconds for the network to find a block, the difficulty increases. Should the network’s hash rate druppel such that it takes longer than 20 seconds to find the next block, the difficulty gets lowered. And blocks uncovered within Ten to Nineteen seconds have no effect on the mining difficulty.

The unexpected influx of Ethereum miners, which wasgoed spurred by the media response to the value increases, caused a massive increase te mining power and, te turn, massive increases ter difficulty. Via the lifespan of Ethereum, the difficulty rating has doubled every six months, but that all switched this year. Ter mid-March, when the price of Ether began to see significant gains, the Ethereum network required less than 200 THash/s (Terrahash vanaf 2nd) to uncover a block. The enlargened value of Ether coins encouraged seasoned miners to dual down on Ethereum, which te turn caused rapid difficulty increases. By May 1, the Ethereum mining difficulty enhanced to 350 THash/s, and it surpassed 400 THash/s on May 13.

Since then, the Ethereum mining difficulty rating has steadily enhanced. For a time, the price of Ether kept well ahead of the difficulty increase, but the profit margins are getting slimmer by the day. On May 29, the Ethereum difficulty level surpassed 500 THash/s for the very first time, but on July Two, the network requirements rose past 1,000 THash/s (1 Petahash/s).

This week, the Ethereum network wasgoed kasstuk with the largest difficulty increase ter its history. The difficulty rating leaped from 1.066 PHashps to 1.228 PHashps ter less than 48 hours. Duo that with the plummeting value of Ether, and it’s effortless to see the bottom ripping off out of Ethereum mining profitability. If you’ve recently invested te hardware with the expectation of paying it off quickly and letting the contant roll te, you might be ter for a verrassing. And if you fell for a scalper’s trapje and paid above market value for your mining system, you should very likely begin looking at other coins to help pay off your investment. offers a difficulty chart that you can use to track the switches ter the network’s hashrate requirements.

Unavoidable End To Ethereum Mining

If you already have an Ethereum mining system running, it’s very likely worth continuing to mine for now, but your time is coming to an end. Even if the difficulty drops (which would toebijten if a significant number of miners switch to a fresh coin), there’s still a finite window te which you can mine Ether coins. The Ethereum network will eventually switch from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) specimen (mining) to a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake (PoS) monster. The PoS prototype would still pay participants a share of Ether, but it would be a percentage of the transaction rather than fresh currency. It’s somewhat like a dividend payment on a stock investment.

No one knows for sure when Ethereum will switch to the PoS prototype, but expect the switch to start te the next duo months. Ter May, one of the developers involved te Ethereum’s creation, Filippo Merli, published an implementation guide that explains how the switch would occur. The transition will toebijten te two stages–a hybrid Pow/PoS monster followed by a finish switch overheen to PoS. It’s only a matter of time before Ethereum mining is no longer viable, and if the price proceeds to druppel, that time may come sooner than straks.

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