A Look Back: Blockchain’s 2018 Year te Review There’s no doubt that wij will look back on 2018 wasgoed one of the most titillating and significant years for the digital assets ecosystem.

Today I am thrilled to welcome Peter Wilson to Blockchain spil our very first VP of Engineering. His record of leadership and innovation at some of the fastest growing companies te the world will help us build a more semitransparent, secure, and open financial future.

Overheen the course of a 20-year career spil an engineering executive at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, Peter has helped build the technology that powers much of our lives today. He led the development of key advertising, talk, movie, and maps products at Google. While at Facebook, he oversaw the development of advertising implements and APIs. If you’ve used Microsoft implements, it’s likely you’ve seen Peter’s work – his teams worked on the company’s developer instruments and operating systems.

Peter’s talent spil an engineer is matched only by his capability to build and manage fine teams. Spil Blockchain prepares for a fresh year, acquiring and leading world-class talent will be a core concentrate. Peter is an accomplished te scaling organizations and will be instrumental to thesis efforts. He served spil the Webpagina Director for Google’s Kirkland engineering center spil well spil Facebook’s Seattle office, after the startup he co-founded wasgoed acquired by Facebook while under his leadership. Engineering organizations have burgeoned under his leadership from where wij are today to hundreds of engineers numerous times across his career. I’m looking forward to eyeing him do the same here.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Peter to Blockchain to lead our engineering efforts. His practice and insight after decades at top software companies is invaluable spil wij scale our team and produce fresh products and services to our users,” said Peter Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain.

“Throughout my career I have bot fortunate to build products and teams that level the playing field and empower users through software,” said Peter Wilson. “I’m beyond excited to join Blockchain and build an engineering organization ter pursuit of a better financial future for all.”

I am honored to have Peter join us on our journey of making the world a better place, and delighted to share the news with users who make what wij do everyday possible.

If you’re interested ter joining Blockchain and contributing to our mission, visit https://www.blockchain.com/careers .

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Marco Santori is joining Blockchain spil our Voorzitter &, Chief Legal Officer. Previously, Marco wasgoed a fucking partner at the law rigid Cooley LLP, where he led the global financial technology practice and built the most acclaimed digital assets-focused legal practice te the industry.

Marco has an incredible legal background and has a roster of world-class clients. He has worked with investors, companies of all sizes, regulators and public institutions to build our industry and form the future of finance. Notably, Marco is an advisor to the International Monetary Fund, and the Blockchain Ambassador for the State of Delaware. He is most recently known spil an author of the “S imple Agreement for Future Tokens” ( SAFT) Project Whitepaper, which has set the standard for mitigating investor and consumer risks associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

“Marco has a breadth and depth of skill that is unmatched and I couldn’t think of a better person to concentrate entirely on our expansion efforts and strategy spil wij proceed to serve our millions of users globally,” said Peter Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain.

Blockchain experienced a record year of growth te 2018 and we’re focused on scaling our company and leadership team to support the global business wij run today. Spil Voorzitter and Chief Legal Officer, Marco will concentrate on building our compliance, legal and corporate development teams spil well spil leading the charge to bring fresh products to market alongside the surplus of our team.

“I’m honored and thrilled to join Blockchain, the leading provider for digital asset software,” said Marco Santori. “It’s a compelling chance to contribute to a company that is not only achieving unparalleled business success, but also delivering on a powerful mission to create an inclusive financial system from which everyone can benefit.”

Marco will assume the role of Voorzitter from Co-Founder Nicolas Cary. Spil Vice Chairman for the company, Nic will proceed to be instrumental ter day-to-day operations spil well spil Blockchain’s public affairs and outer relations. “Marco will be a good asset for Blockchain and I look forward to dedicating more of my time on building our brand ter key regions like India, hiring the brightest talent, and educating more people on the benefits of digital assets,” said Nic Cary, Co-Founder, Houtvezelplaat Member, and Vice Chairman of Blockchain.

Marco joins Blockchain from Cooley LLP where he wasgoed the head of the firm’s Financial Technology practice group. Marco Santori is an authority ter the law of blockchain technology, and has bot called “The Dean of Digital Currency Lawyers” by American Banker. He is the author of the transformative Elementary Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT) Project Whitepaper, a standard-setting self-regulatory effort that mitigates investor and consumer risks associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Additionally, he is the Legal Ambassador for the Delaware Blockchain initiative and an advisor to the International Monetary Fund. He has frequented stages around the world to share his insights, including the Cato Institute’s Cryptocurrency Conference, the American Tapkast Association Summit, North American Bitcoin Conference, and the Overeenstemming Conference and has bot profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, Reuters among others.

Until earlier this month, bitcoin and Bitcoin Metselspecie addresses used the same format, making it difficult to ensure you were transacting using the keurig currency’s address. Te order to simplify the process for transacting with both bitcoin and Bitcoin Specie for our users, Blockchain wallets are now using an a fresh format (CashAddr) for Bitcoin Specie addresses.

Q: Why do my Bitcoin Metselspecie addresses look different?

A: Bitcoin Metselspecie developers have proposed a fresh format for addresses to help differentiate inbetween bitcoin and Bitcoin Contant addresses, called CashAddr . This updated format only switches how your Bitcoin Metselspecie addresses are displayed, not the underlying private and public keys.

Q: Why has Blockchain implemented this switch for users’ wallets?

A: Wij want to proceed improving the user practice for both bitcoin and Bitcoin Contant within users’ wallets. Ultimately, having a different address format for each will help you distinguish which currency you’re transacting with, permitting you to use BTC and BCH more lightly.

Q: What is the difference inbetween the address formats?

A: Bitcoin Metselspecie addresses now look like this: qp3wjpa3tjlj042z2wv7hahsldgwhwy0rq9sywjpyy. They can also have a prefix (bitcoincash:qp3wjpa3tjlj042z2wv7hahsldgwhwy0rq9sywjpyy). Each Bitcoin Specie address also has a “legacy address”, which is it’s corresponding bitcoin address. You can find the legacy address for each BCH address on Blockchair . Take a look here to see an example of the difference inbetween legacy and CashAddr addresses.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Nothing, we’re taking care of it for you! Your wallet will now only demonstrate Bitcoin Metselspecie addresses te this fresh format. The only thing wij encourage you to do is to commence sending and receiving using the updated address type.

Q: Can I still send to the original ‘legacy’ address?

A: Technically yes, but it would benefit both you and the community to start using the fresh version. Don’t worry, if you have a legacy address that is presently being used, it will proceed to work. If you proceed transacting with your legacy addresses, they will be displayed ter your transaction feed spil the BCH CashAddr address omschrijving.

Q: Is this a protocol switch, soft-fork, or hard-fork?

Q: Where can I dive into more technical details?

A: You can find more details on this update here .

Earlier today, wij announced a partnership with SFOX that lays the groundwork for our users ter the US to seamlessly buy and sell digital assets with greater reliability and without compromising user security or control.

At Blockchain, wij are on a mission to build an open, accessible, and fair financial future, one lump of software at a time. This announcement brings us one step closer to realizing that mission by making the exchange of digital assets swift, effortless, and inexpensive for millions of users across the US.

Kicking off today, users te 22 states will have the option to sell bitcoin quickly and lightly.

And this is just the beginning, te the coming weeks, users will also be able to buy bitcoin, and buy and sell other assets like ether and Bitcoin Metselspecie. Spil always, we’ll keep you posted while wij roll out thesis features. Ter the meantime, wij welcome your thoughts on how wij can proceed to improve.

Not ter the US? Users te Europe and India are already able to buy and sell bitcoin. Spil wij proceed to expand to fresh countries, we’ll keep you ter the loop here and on Twitter .

Don’t have a Blockchain wallet? Sign up to get embarked with bitcoin and other digital currencies today!

At Blockchain, wij’re striving to write reusable, extendable, and pliable code. This practice has become even more significant with the latest addition of Bitcoin Specie and ether to our wallet application. For our users, adhering to writing agnostic components makes project delivery speeds swifter and more consistent. For our developers, it makes the code joy to work with and less buggy.

A few months ago, wij added ether to the Blockchain wallet along with a crypto-to-crypto exchange integration. This feature wasgoed the very first we’ve built that supports numerous cryptocurrencies (instead of just bitcoin to fiat or vice versa). Ter our efforts to build reusable, extendable, and supple code wij built it to support any digital currency our wallet presently offers or will suggest te the future.

The components that make up our exchange integration are totally agnostic to the currencies the user wishes to shift. Any digital currency can be plugged into the integration spil long spil it’s “API” ter the My-Wallet-V3 core supports a few basic functions. Let’s walk through how this works a little bit.

When the wallet initializes the exchange checkout process it passes the destination and origin wallets to the shift-create component from the shapeShiftCheckout controller:

And ter My-Wallet-V3-Frontend/app/partials/shapeshift/checkout.pug

Note: There are more attributes passed to the shift-create component, but for plainness I’ve liquidated them.

The line ter shapeShiftCheckout.controller.js (`this.wallets = Wallet.accounts().concat(Ethereum.defaultAccount),`) wasgoed for shifting inbetween bitcoin and ether when wij originally launched the ether integration. What it does is concatenate all the bitcoin wallets te your Blockchain wallet with the ether default wallet. Ter checkout.pug, wij tell shift-create to flow thesis wallets spil possible origins and destinations te an exchange.

A few months zometeen, wij added total support of Bitcoin Metselspecie to our wallet. Wij desired to give users the capability to exchange their Bitcoin Contant to and from bitcoin and ether. Here is the commit that added Bitcoin Specie to our exchange integration: https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3-Frontend/commit/0c44b5bca7951a9a298d5599d5fd872b0eff5de5 .

Adding Bitcoin Metselspecie wasgoed spil effortless spil switching one line of code because wij built cryptocurrency agnostic components for exchanging bitcoin <,->, ether from the beginning.

If you check the shift-create component where the wallets are passed, you won’t find any reference towards a specific cryptocurrency itself: ( https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3-Frontend/blob/master/assets/js/components/shapeshift/shift-create.component.js ). You’ll only see functions called on the wallets that the API te My-Wallet-V3 core requires them to have.

  1. `getAvailableBalance` ->, How the component calculates the total amount the outgoing wallet has available to send/exchange. Below are the functions for each cryptocurrency:
  1. bitcoin: https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3/blob/master/src/hd-account.js#L311
  2. ether: https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3/blob/master/src/eth/eth-account.js#L138
  3. Bitcoin Specie: https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3/blob/master/src/bch/bch-account.js#L68
  • coinCode ->, The wallet’s coinCode to be used straks ter the cryptoCurrencyMap.
    1. bitcoin: ‘btc’
    2. ether: ‘eth’
    3. Bitcoin Contant: ‘bch’
    4. Balance ->, Used to check for balance updates ter the wallet. If a user’s balance switches, the component calls getAvailableBalance.
    5. cryptoCurrencyMap ->, Used to calculate conversions inbetween each digital currency and their fiat values.
    6. When everything comes together, the final result looks like this:

      Despite the ease of adding fresh currencies, wij desired to proceed improving the exchange practice for our users.

      Te version 1 of our exchange integration, there wasgoed no loading state to tell users that the component wasgoed working on getting a quote. Under good network conditions requests like thesis can seem instantaneous and a loading state might even seem a little jarring. However, because of the high traffic on digital currency networks, requests can take up to Five seconds to resolve. Bitcoin, ether, Bitcoin Contant, and other digital currencies are treating more transactions than they everzwijn have before. Record high transaction volumes are leading to network congestion, te turn leading to slow loading times from services like ShapeShift.

      Depending on how long a request took to make, it could look like the component wasgoed frozen or that something broke and no error wasgoed returned. Te reality, a request wasgoed being made and wij weren’t correctly indicating that to the user. Wij determined to add a loading state to the component spil you can see ter version 1 vs version Two below.

      Version Two Version 1

      Users were loosened to see an indication of the app working to get a quote after the launch of version Two. Our transaction volume enlargened by 10% the week after wij flipped out thesis switches,

      30% overheen the Two weeks after, and 75% overheen the following month. Seemingly petite improvements like this make a big difference to users.

      Building components that are resilient to cryptocurrency’s rapid growth and onveranderlijk switch is just one of the many ways wij ensure our users are getting a best-in-class practice on our verhoging. Wij hope you’ve loved learning a little more about our process and look forward to continuing to supply fresh and innovative solutions te our effort to create an open, fair, and accessible financial future.

      Sound titillating? Check out our open positions available to join our incredible UX development team.

      Amidst holiday festivities and Fresh Year’s preparations, wij want to quickly revisit the assortment of excellent fresh features that made their way into the Blockchain wallet during Q4. Grab a fresh steekmug of hot cocoa (and maybe that sugar cookie you’ve bot eyeing) and we’ll get into all the arousing Q4 product update details.

      There’s no doubt that wij will look back on 2018 wasgoed one of the most titillating and significant years for the digital assets ecosystem. Together wij made significant progress and are even closer to a fairer financial future.

      Wij want to thank all of our customers, our team, and the industry for making 2018 such a memorable one. Blockchain wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you and wij look forward to continuing to serve you te the years ahead!

      It’s a good joy to welcome (back) Sjors to the family. Sjors joined our team spil one of our earliest engineers and wasgoed at the center of rewriting and scaling our web wallet for three years. After some time off for exploring, Sjors has determined to concentrate on open source protocol development. I know he’ll bring a valuable perspective from his time working on our toneel.

      Sjors has bot sultry about contributing to open source for a long-time. Te fact, that’s how wij met him – he made a pull request on an early version of our iOS wallet. He’s already contributing to Bitcoin Core and has previously run some truly joy wise contract experiments on Ethereum.

      Wij want to make sure Sjors is independent, so we’ve bot clear that:

      1. Sjors is sponsored for the work and is an independent from our main engineering team
      2. Sjors can work on any protocol that we’re presently supporting on our wallet
      3. Everything Sjors does under the sponsorship is open sourced

      Sjors has already had a tremendous influence on the way millions of people use digital currencies, but I’m excited to see him proceed making that influence, across an even greater user base by shifting his concentrate to the protocols themselves. To the OS community, you should know you’re getting one of the best – a person I don’t always agree with, but a person whose opinion I’ve always found to be of the highest quality, and whose integrity is without a doubt.

      Market value isn’t the only reason digital assets like bitcoin stand out, but it’s certainly a newsworthy conversation starter. Spil you catch up with family overheen the holidays, bitcoin’s epic 2018 price increase will likely be a hot topic. To entertain their curiosity, we’ve got the following holiday tips to get your loved ones spil excited about bitcoin and digital assets spil you are.

      At Blockchain, we’re always looking for ways to empower our users to interact with the digital economy ter fresh, meaningful ways. Ter November, wij exposed our project to produce on the growing request we’ve seen for Bitcoin Specie. Embarking today, we’re supporting Bitcoin Contant with total functionality through the same web wallet users know and love.

      With Bitcoin Specie joining our existing lineup of digital currencies, users now have a total suite of options and can lightly toggle inbetween digital currencies to send and request funds, securely manage balances, and monitor market prices – all from one central place.

      If you had bitcoin ter your Blockchain wallet prior to August 1st, get excited because you’ll see an equal amount of Bitcoin Metselspecie te your wallet now! Fresh to Bitcoin Specie? Users can get began by simply trading bitcoin and ether for Bitcoin Specie using our exchange integration.

      Just like with bitcoin and ether, users hold their Bitcoin Specie private keys, meaning they always have utter, off the hook access to their funds with their backup phrase.

      Not on web? Don’t fret. We’ll be rolling out utter support for Bitcoin Contant on mobile by the end of Q1 2018. We’ll keep you ter the loop here and on Twitter spil wij proceed to build on this fresh addition to our wallet. Still have questions about how Bitcoin Specie works te your Blockchain wallet? Visit our Support Center .

      Don’t have a Blockchain wallet? Sign up to get commenced with Bitcoin Contant and other digital currencies today!

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