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  • Working with third-party plugins – WooCommerce etc
  • Rechtstreeks Payments inbetween your webstek users
  • Affiliate Program (earn 33.3% lifetime revenue share)
  • Free Support ter the integration of Bitcoin Gateway

Genesis Press

My mother, who is the light of my life, says I always wrote stories. She often relays how my stories were about characters with strange names who fought amongst each other, mostly vying for power. I have bot writing since I could waterput pencil to paper! I wasgoed born ter 1964 te Chicago, and, spil a native, I loved my city and could not imagine living anywhere else.

PKI is a sturdy technical solution to the basic security problems associated with communications on open networks, providing a business and technology toneel for the delivery of secure value-added services including modern blockchain platforms.

Intelligence Group

Bringing cryptocurrency mainstream

About Us

Cryptocurrency’s exponential growth is only adding to marketplace concerns around illicit use, risk and regulatory compliance. That’s why our mission is to bring cryptocurrency mainstream by providing our clients and users peace of mind.

Wallet – Bitcoin Wiki

A Bitcoin wallet is a collection of private keys but may also refer to client software used to manage those keys and to make transactions on the Bitcoin network.

This pagina covers various wallet formats ter use.


Bitcoin Core

The original Bitcoin client stores private key information te a opstopping named wallet.dat following the so called “bitkeys” format.