Tired of bitcoin? Here are Five cryptocurrencies to see this year


The succesboek among the top five of the largest cryptocurrencies. Ripple went from a fraction of a penny ($0.006523) to $Two.29, ending the year with an astonishing growth of 35,000 procent, up 350 times ter value. With its market cap north of $100 billion, ripple passed the competition to become the world’s 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

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GPU Power Consumption Benchmarks: Ethereum Mining and Gaming at 1080p

Pagina 1: Mining Ethereum: GPU Power Consumption

Pagina Two: Six Useful Tips For Configuring Mining Equipments

Pagina Trio: Test Results: Power Consumption For Mining & Gaming

Pagina Four: Test Results: Ethereum Hash Rate

Pagina Five: Test Results: Spectacle Vanaf Watt And Dollar

Pagina 6: Test Results: Fan Speeds & Temperatures (Mining & Gaming) & Conclusion

Test Results: Power Consumption For Mining & Gaming

Compared to previous GPU generations, AMD’s and Nvidia’s 14nm/16nm offerings dramatically improve spectacle at every given power target.