What Determines the Value of Cryptocurrencies? The Cryptocurrency Forums

With digital currencies remaining a hot topic of conversation, more and more people are determining to invest every day. While many people may find themselves excited about this fresh chance, a lotsbestemming of beginners may find themselves left wondering why the prices are so volatile. There are a plethora of factors that drive the value and price of cryptocurrency, such spil supply and request, energy usage, difficulty of mining, public perception, and much more.

Fork Confusion Propels Litecoin to 1-Month High Above $200

Litecoin (LTC) is putting on a voorstelling today amid news a group of developers may seek to fork its blockchain, the fifth-largest by total value.

The cryptocurrency wasgoed last seen switching arms at $216, a one-month high, according to gegevens service CoinMarketCap. Overall, LTC has appreciated by 33 procent ter the last 24 hours, up overheen 100 procent from the Feb. 6 low of $106.94.

Cybercriminals Supply CPU Coin Miner Using Network Attacks

With an enlargening success and profitability of cryptocurrency, criminals have also commenced to concentrate their efforts on manhandling the largely untraceable currency. If the last two years are any indication, cybercriminals have attempted to attack both sides of the financial world, however, thanks to the inherent privacy that cryptocurrency offers, it is becoming a center of the latest campaigns.

Moroccan villagers harvest fog for water supply

June Nineteen, 2015

by Zakaria Choukrallah

Green technology to turn fog into fresh water straight from the tapkast has waterput an end to tedious daily treks to distant wells by village women ter southwest Morocco.

Families ter five highland Berber communities have begun to benefit from “fog harvesting”, a mechanism devised ter Chile two decades ago and since taken up te countries from Peru to Namibia and South Africa.