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With fresh terugkoppeling comes a fresh version of OCM. Love the updated guide.

Very first, you’ll need to download the OCM. You can find the most latest version HERE. Once you have the OCM downloaded and installed, you’ll find a fresh icon on your desktop that says ‘Vertcoin One-Click Miner’. Double-click the icon to launch the miner

You should see a screen similar to the one below.

Very first things very first, let’s find a pool to mine to. Click the ‘Find P2Pool Nodes’ button ter the top-center of the OCM. You should see a screen that looks like this.

Click the ‘Scan’ button to scan for active knots on the P2Pool network. The ‘Network 1’ and ‘Network 2’ tabs will populate with pools showcasing included fees, locations, latencies, etc. It is recommended to select pools with the lowest latency (ideally <, 100ms).

*If you are a smaller miner with Two graphics cards or less or are using your CPU, it is recommended to use Network Two. If you are a larger miner with numerous cards and/or a hash rate larger than 100Mh, it is recommended to use Network 1.

Once you have selected your pools, copy the Vertcoin wallet address you wish to mine to into the opbergruimte and click ‘Add Selected Pool(s)’.

Now that you’ve added pools, the OCM main window should look something like this.

To host a local P2Pool Knot, you need to be running the Vertcoin Core Wallet. This can be downloaded HERE. Once you have the Vertcoin Core Wallet installed and fully synchronized, all you have to do is click the ‘Run Local Node’ checkbox that’s located te the top-right-hand corner of the OCM main window.

If you haven’t run a local knot before or if there is an update available, you will see a pop-up message prompting a download like the pic below. Click ‘OK’ to download and install P2Pool. You will also be prompted to add a wallet address and password to your local knot address so the OCM can add your fresh knot to the pool list.

If you selected an alternate location for the Vertcoin Gegevens Directory when installing the Vertcoin Core Wallet, you will be prompted by the OCM to select the directory you chose. This is the directory that stores the Vertcoin blockchain for P2Pool to reference for mining. Click ‘OK’ to browse and select the directory.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Run P2Pool Node’ checkbox and have ended the other steps, you will see the P2Pool status text switch to “Loading” and then “Running: Network X”.

To switch the Network ter which your local P2Pool Knot is running, click the ‘Settings’ spijskaart option at the top of the OCM. All you have to do is click the drop-down opbergruimte ter the P2Pool section under Network, and select which network you wish to host your knot on. Once selected, close the Settings menukaart and restart your P2Pool Knot to switch networks.

Now it’s time to get your miner embarked! There are two ways to mine Vertcoin, via your graphics card or your CPU (processor). There are essentially two types of graphics cards, AMD and Nvidia. Once you’ve determined what you want to mine with, click the drop-down opbergruimte below the Miner status opbergruimte ter the top-left-hand corner of the OCM and select your hardware type. See below.

Once you’ve selected your hardware type, click the ‘Start’ button. If you haven’t commenced the miner before or if there is an update available, you will see a pop-up message prompting a downloaded like the photo below. Click ‘OK’ to download and install the miner.

Now that your miner is downloaded, click the ‘Start’ button again to begin mining. You will see ‘Waiting for Share’ or ‘Running’ te the Miner status window if your miner is running. You will embark to see your hash rate climb at the bottom of the OCM window once you commence to solve shares supplied by the pool. It is not uncommon to see a hash rate of 0.00 kh/s if mining with a low hash rate on p2pool. The lower your hash rate, the longer it takes to solve a share on the pool. See below for an pic of the OCM mining.

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