Is a good company for bitcoin cloud mining?

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Let mij begin by telling I have never bought into the concept of cloud mining and the way it has bot managed since day 1. Ter my opinion, all cloud mining is a SCAM, and you are likely to liberate all of your investment.

I reviewed the HashOcean – Cloud Mining webstek. I am instantly very skeptical and I would be willing to bet it is a ponzi scheme and there is no mining taking place at all.

The webstek is so vague. Nothing is assured, I cannot believe anyone would actually send their hard earned money to this webstek. What are you purchasing?

For one thing, they measure hash rate using scrypt algorithm running on movie cards. Why? This technology wasgoed obsolete YEARS AGO. Today, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MINE SCRYPT BASED COINS using GPU. Period. They voorwaarde their total hashrate is 400 GH/s using movie cards. 400 billion and each movie card produces 700 Khash by their own admission (which is accurate using scrypt algorithm). So, they have almost 600 million movie cards installed ter computers ter their gegevens centers around the world. wow! just wow.

Lets just assume they are using scrypt hash rate symbolically. They are not actually mining scrypt with movie cards and they just use this nomenclature spil a way of measurement. Even if this is the case, what is their true hash rate and what are they mining?

There is no reason to secretive about this – it is not some trade secret to making money that they cannot expose. They do not have any movies of their mining operations strafgevangenis equipment.

You are paid what they say you get paid and you have no way to verify if it is accurate. You just have to take their word for it and hope/beg that they are super fair and would never skim off your earnings for their pocket.

They offerande no information on what they are mining. Which coin and why? It is just unbelievable that someone would actually send money to this place.

Why would a person assume that this is legitimate? Just because there is a webstek?

Also, I left behind to mention one of the major reasons i think Hashocean is a SCAM is their POOR AND INCORRECT ENGLISH. You may think this is not a big overeenkomst, I say it is a yam-sized crimson flag. Professional companies hire native English speakers or at least have their webstek professionally proof-read. Scammers usually will not go to the time/trouble/expense of having juist English. They think “people are stupid, its good enough”

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