How to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, DASH and…

Coinpot, Faucethub and the Best Bitcoin and Other Crypto Faucets

The world of cryptocurrencies is interesting but ingewikkeld at the beginning. Collecting free petite amounts of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Altcoins is a good way to commence understanding how cryptocurrencies work.

Faucets are websites, generally utter of advertising linksom, which permit you to earn petite amounts of Bitcoin and Altcoin just by solving the captcha for the recognition (and exclusion) of any bots. Many faucets are just a waste of time because they do not pay or dispense too petite amounts of cryptocurrencies.

After months of testing I chose a petite number of faucet where to invest my time.

Very first of all, my advise is to sign up on the two best microwallet for faucets, CoinPot and FaucetHub to optimise and keep safe your earnings.


The sites listed here are simpler and more secure because they converge on a single microwallet, CoinPot, a multi-currency wallet that does not provide any cost to transfer coins to your private wallet.

You can thus accumulate Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash and Dash. You can also mine all thesis coins by passively using your computer’s CPU at the speed you choose.

At this time there are six faucets connected to CoinPot:

BIT Joy the best CoinPot faucet for Bitcoin. Voorkeur every Trio minutes!

Moon Bitcoin — a ordinary faucet to build up bitcoin every Five minutes (recommended to voorkoop every 30 minutes)

Moon Dogecoin another faucet of the Moon family to earn Dogecoin every Five minutes (here too I advise you to eis every 30 minutes)

Moon Litecoin — another faucet of the Moon family to earn Litecoin every Five minutes (here too I advise you to rechtsvordering every 30 minutes)

Moon Dashcoin another faucet of the Moon family to earn DASH every Five minutes (here too I advise you to voorkoop every 30 minutes)

Moon BCH — another faucet of the Moon family to earn Bitcoin Metselspecie every Five minutes (here too I advise you to keuze every 30 minutes)

Premie Bitcoin faucet to get some Bitcoin for free. You can request up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes.


Lots of this faucets are linked to FaucetHub, an other very reliable microwallet.

Once you signed up on FaucetHub you can commence to use the following faucet.

I also recommend thesis three multifaucets, paying on FaucetHub, rapid, effortless captcha and a variable voorkoop from Five to Ten minutes. I use them for fairly a while and are well done (no excessive publicity, no limit to be reached for the withdrawal on FaucetHub):

Faucets not linked to any microwallet. Dogecoin4free, SwissAdsPaysFaucet and MulticoinFaucet te particular have very plain CAPTCHAs and excellent interface, with daily and weekly lotteries.

Qoinpro is a wallet which automatically gives some coins daily. The currencies supported are very many and it’s always the very first when Bitcoin forks:

At last HashFlare, one of the best Cloud Mining service:

Ok, with faucets you don’t earn so much, but it’s worth, because you earn cryptocoins whose value could multiply te the coming years!

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