How to Buy Bitcoin With a Bankgebouw Account

Te this article, you will find the longest online list on the Internet of exchange companies that permit you to buy bitcoin with a canap account. Our massive list features online exchange websites and online marketplaces where you may buy bitcoin with a debit card, or a bankgebouw transfer, or wire transfers from your canap.

It seems that different companies, different marketplaces, different exchanges and different traders have varied views on paying with a canap account. For example, if you wish to pay with a wire transfer, then some will charge you higher fees because they are charged fees. Yet, due to the fact that wire transfers are difficult to switch roles (like bitcoin transfers), there are some people who will charge you less than if you wished to pay with a debit card or credit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Canap Account?

Find a bitcoin exchange or a marketplace that has traders. Find the ones that accept canap transfers, wire transfers from banks, and that accept debit cards. With all those three canap account options, you have a pretty good chance of finding a place to buy bitcoin with a bankgebouw account. The websites on this article suggest at least one of those payment options, and some suggest all three.

The large list of websites/companies below comprises of exchange companies (brokers) and of bitcoin marketplaces. Bitcoin marketplaces permit you to transact (buy/sell) from other traders. The list wij have here is almost comprehensive, and it is certainly the longest list you are going to find of companies that accept canap account deposits and payments.

The list below is ter alphabetical order. I have not waterput them te any sort of quality or service order. This is not one of our best lists, so a few of thesis are going to be okay and a few are going to be better than okay. It is up to you to find the one that is right for you.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all the exchanges/marketplaces were your may buy bitcoin with a bankgebouw account, but it is the largest list of canap account accepting bitcoin traders and exchange companies the Internet.


They are presently out of service at the time of writing because of some punt with their bankgebouw. Nobody knows when and if the webstek will come back, but it may be worth keeping an eye on it for now.


This company permits you to search for bitcoin brokers. They attempt to waterput you ter touch with bitcoin exchange companies and brokers who accept your type of payment. Select your preferred payment type and see what they have to offerande.


You may add money to your account by using a wire transfer from your handelsbank account (and maybe from places such spil Western Union and MoneyGram), or you may choose the credit card option. This company has a few ventilatoren here and there, so it may be worth watching to see if it becomes fatter and better.


They offerande a number of different ways to deposit into your account. Their deposit methods are listed here. At the uur, you are permits to pay by wire transfer, but there is a ondergrens limit and a petite toverfee for funding with wire transfers.


They used to be called Coinimal. They permit you to pay by online bankgebouw transfer and by Mastercard, Soforttransfer, Visa, EPS, Neteller, Giropay, Skrill, OKPay and by SEPA. The webstek also has a fine FAQ section that actually addresses payments instead of having people voeling them to ask. I have not done a superb overeenkomst of research into this one, but I wouldn’t be astonished if it were based ter China judging by the fresh name (despite the fact that the webstek is registered ter Austria).


This is a company that used to sell to Europe and has now embarked suggesting its services to numerous different countries. They suggest fair thresholds, and they accept both credit cards and debit cards.


Bittrex say they will accept debit cards and credit cards very soon. There are numerous ways to fund your account, with the only downside being that wire transfers voorwaarde be for large amounts. At the time of writing, you have to be a very verified customer and you have to wire transfer at least $Ten,000 to make it worth their while. This policy will most likely switch spil bitcoin becomes more mainstream.

BTC Markets

Send a onmiddellijk handelsbank transfer or send a POLI transfer. They are based te Australia, which means you may have to convert your currency, but see what they say when you get to their webstek because they do a lotsbestemming of international trading.

BTC-e wasgoed a bitcoin exchange, but it has disappeared for the ogenblik. Maybe it will be back, but it doesn’t look like it so far. This webstek may be gone for good, but feel free to check back now and again. I only included it because it used to be okay, but for some reason somebody wished rid of it.

The CEX company is blessed to accept credit cards and debit cards. They are aware that they are putting themselves at risk by accepting credit cards and debit cards so lightly, but they make up for the risk by charging more than many others do. The buying process is very effortless. Will you be able to find cheaper rates, yes you will, but what you are paying for is ease of use and the capability to use your debit or credit card card without any unnecessary complexity.


Coinbase has an FAQ support section on how to buy bitcoin with your debit card. They are glad to accept debit cards from people ter the US. They may commence accepting them from other people te other countries te the near future. offers a superb place to buy some of the most obscure and unknown alternative coins. The trouble is that they don’t presently permit you to add money to your account. You may only add cryptocurrency to your account. This may switch ter the future, but at the ogenblik it seems that they are doing rather well by exploiting their edge, which is the capability to buy rarer and lesser known altstem coins.

They have a limited range of people they are willing to sell to. If you are not French or not living ter the EU, then you are very likely going to fight to get them to trade with you. Nevertheless, if you have a French address and French canap account, then you may buy from Coinhouse.


This company is rather good at hiding its fees by leaving them spil the very last thing they tell you before you make your trade. It says on their huis pagina that they still accept debit cards and credit cards.


Wij wrote an article called how to use Cryptonit to buy bitcoin. It explains how you may fund your account using your canap account. It is even possible to fund your account with PayPal.


I keep sneaking this webstek onto thesis types of articles even tho’ I shouldn’t. They will not accept any form of regular currency deposit. However, their webstek permits you to arbitrage and buy real-life objects to the point where you may creative and find your own way of getting bitcoin while actually spending from your canap account.


They accept wire transfers and they accept canap transfers. They have not truly found a way to shine yet, but some people trust the company because it wasgoed set up by the Winklevoss twins who may have come up with the original idea for Facebook. There are a few negative reviews about it on the Internet, but even however the Gemini webstek seems to love the smell of its own farts, it doesn’t seem like a bad exchange company.


This company will not permit you to pay with credit cards and PayPal, but it will permit you to send bankgebouw transfers overheen into your account. You may fund your account with US dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Spil a verified member, you may transact Two,000 vanaf day and Ten,000 vanaf week. Those thresholds may be raised spil you become more verified and qualified with the company. This is the listig to their pagina where they explain more about their fees.


The Openleggen webstek will presently not permit you to buy bitcoin with credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal. They suggest various ways that you may fund your account, which they discuss on their how to deposit pagina. If you are living te the US and you wish to fund your account, you may do so with a wire transfer from your handelsbank.


The LakeBTC exchange permits you to pay for bitcoin with what they call a handelsbank wire. You may also pay for your bitcoin with Western Union, specie, MoneyGram, OKPAY, Volmaakt Money, Payza, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Talks, Leupay and LakePay. It is very unfair for mij to say this without any proof, but my instinct says you should very likely observe this one a little while before you begin trading. It all seems so effortless and ordinary that it makes mij a little jumpy.

There are slew of ways to pay with LocalBitcoins, and if you pay with wire transfers and canap transfers, then people give you better deals. The only downside is that they want more ID from you and things of that nature because they feel like they have to trust you more if they are providing you a better exchange rate. I wrote an article on how to set up your LocalBitcoins account and make trades.

They used to call this one BitX. They do permit credit cards and debit cards. If you run your payment through PayU, then you may use your credit card or debit card to pay. Here are the countries that Luno will trade with.


Wij like Paxful and LocalBitcoins because they give us effortless access to regular traders. Anybody can make a trade with anybody else if the conditions are right. Wij made an article demonstrating how to set up your Paxful account. Pay with your canap account or debit card and some people will suggest you a better overeenkomst.


Tho’ they do not make it clear, you are able to use your handelsbank card to fund your account, you are able to send a canap transfer, you may send a wire transfer, and you may use some cards if they are Visa or Mastercard. For example, they would not accept my Capital One MasterCard credit card, but they did accept my PayPal Access MasterCard.


VirWox do have a lousy exchange rate, but they make buying from them very effortless. It is so effortless that I wrote an article about buying bitcoin with Virwox to help display how effortless it is. Wij have attempted and tested this one, and even however it looks a little shoddy, it is not a bad way to buy and switch your bitcoin.

Offline exchanges

There are slew of offline bitcoin traders who will accept bankgebouw transfers, wire transfers, and debit cards. Thesis traders exist te many forms. Some of them are set up te sections within other stores, like MoneyGram and Western Union are, and some bitcoin traders have their own shops like the one shown ter the picture below.

Offline Bitcoin ATMs

There are bitcoin ATMs littered all around the world. They certainly accept debit cards and some of them accept credit cards too. They have their fees, but it may still be cheaper than buying from online exchanges. Plus, it is certainly quicker if you have a local bitcoin ATM like the one shown te the picture below.

Disclaimer – Please Read

Wij have attempted our best to bring you information about legitimate bitcoin traders and exchange websites. However, this is not one of our best lists, which means wij have not personally attempted and tested every webstek on this article. Te fact, two of them went defunct during the time wij were spent finding them and talking to the admins. If you are programma on using any of the websites listed te this article, then please do your research and be careful when handing out your information. You have to become

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