and liquidate the ethernet cable. Or proceed, and reboot straks spil it is required after the next step.

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf



save and uitgang using

sudo apt-get upgrade

select ‘y’ to accept the storage requirement.

sudo tar xvf LCD-show-170309.tar.gz

Comment out the dtoverlay=ads7846. line by adding a #.

The line that wij want active is the dtoverlay=waveshare35a

The rotation value should be switched here from now on too, by adding :rotate=0 spil te the picture above

Choose your rotation value. 270 is the HDMI port at the top. Use 0,90,180,270 spil needed.

(If rotation is wrong, edit the config.txt again and switch rotate=<,figure>,. Reboot required for switches to take affect)

sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends xinit xserver-xorg-video-fbdev

sudo apt-get install lxde-core lxappearance

sudo apt-get install lightdm

sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends matchbox chromium-browser

Option “fbdev” “/dev/fb1”

@pcmanfm –desktop –profile LXDE

@chromium-browser –kiosk –incognito

Wij need to delete this partition to zekering raspbian from automatically using the drive on boot, at this point. The helper ter the next step will automatically create a fresh partition to do it’s job of moving the files.

sudo ./adafruit-pi-externalroot-helper -d /dev/sda

It will ask you to check that you are writing to the keurig partition, select y when you are sure. When I do this step it takes a little under 10mins. Please be patient.

So everything has bot copied overheen and the drive configured. Wij just need to switch the boot verkeersopstopping so it starts from the USB drive from now on. The helper untility should have done this automatically. But recently this has not bot the case. Do this just to check, it’s ordinary and is just a copy/paste activity.

sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

And ensure that the helper has switched

to match the one that wasgoed listed to you above. Yours will be different to mine. Then Save and uitgang using ctrl+o then ctrl+x.

sudo dphys-swapfile swapon

Start the install

./configure –enable-upnp-default –disable-wallet

sudo make install

save, uitgang, ctrl+o ctrl+x

Save and Uitgang spil before for the last time!

Check you have 8 connections (after providing it Five mins to commence) and each time you use that directive, the value of “blocks”: xxxxx should be enlargening. That is your current block height. It will get slower to increase straks on spil blocks commence getting busier.

To zekering the knot (recommended before disconnecting power, or using sudo reboot/shutdown from now on to prevent gegevens corruption) use:

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