What is the cheapest bitcoin miner machine?

To response your question, simply.

It’s the one you build that takes into effect.

#1 Your cost of parts

#Two Cost of your electro-therapy

#Trio Dealing with fever generated / ensuring the mining equipment is able to cool decently.

Then just track your BTC price to ensure you are profitable.

Most miners create their mining equipment for a specific crypto currencies like bitcoin but others will be build and hop inbetween crypto currencies to increase their profits (ie. Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, etc.) Make sure you don’t build a mining equipment that won’t last long – that’s why most folks avoid bitcoin mining.

Use a mining zakjapanner to find some how profitable your mining will or won’t be – before you embark on this journey.

I just had some crypto friend come back from their tour of the Genisis Mininig operation te Iceland and they have piles of old Antminers that are no longer profitable and let folks take them away for free. So be careful not to get stuck with a bunch of out dated mining equipment that just is not profitable.

I have the feeling with this kwestie that “cheapest” is a very loaded word. If you mean the cheapest machine that will assure that you lose the most amount of money possible, your options are literally endless.

If you mean the cheapest that will actually permit you to make a profit, then you narrow the field immensely.

You can buy a used 600W 28nm Antminer s5 on Amazon for $499 — PSU not included. Then at a hash-rate of 1.155 Trillion Hashes vanaf 2nd, this ASIC unit will ensure that you lose about $11 a month for every month that you use it, assuming a very generous power cost of Ten cents vanaf KWh. At 12 cents vanaf KWh, your netwerk losses rise to $Nineteen/month.

With the newish 1250W 16nm Antminer s7 for $750 plus a 1600W PSU for $200, you can expect a hash rate of about Four.73 Trillion Hashes vanaf 2nd, which actually will permit you to make a few bucks. At 12 cents/KWH you could make up to $23/month, rising to $40/month if you power is only Ten cents/KWh. At a dollar a day it will take you three years to pauze even with the s7 assuming the Bitcoin market stays the same spil it is today, which it won’t.

The only viable option ter this lineup is the 14 Trillion Hash-per-second Antminer s9 which runs on 1350W, but permits a mining rate triple that of the s7 for about the same power consumption. You’ll make almost ten dollars a day te profit, so at a cost of $3000 you’re going to need only a year to pay it off. And once it’s paid for itself, you will be pocketing profits of around $200 a month—again, assuming the market stays about the same spil it is today.

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