ViaBTC Launches Ethereum Mining Pool

Even tho’ most of the people concentrate on the current Bitcoin price act, there are other developments to take note of. ViaBTC has launched an Ethereum mining pool, for example. That is a pretty interesting decision, to say the least. The company is best-known for their Bitcoin and Bitcoin Contant mining. It doesn’t emerge spil if the Ethereum mining will become part of their cloud mining contracts, however. Having more mining pools for specific currencies can only be considered to be a good thing, that much certain.

Ethereum mining has become a very profitable business te 2018.This is mainly due to the Ether price rising fairly a bit. Additionally, a few fresh GPUs have launched, all of which can mine Ethereum without too many problems. With so many fresh people joining this ecosystem, there’s a growing need for fresh mining pools. Cryptocurrency is all about decentralization, and the mining facet should be no different.

Mining Ethereum With ViaBTC

This is where ViaBTC comes into the picture. More specifically, the Chinese company launched an ETH mining pool this week. They accept users from all overheen the world. It will be interesting to see how many people will switch overheen to this fresh pool ter the future. After all, without sufficient hashrate, it will not be profitable to choose this option. Then again, no one wants to see one server control too much hashpower either. An interesting trade-off to contend with, that much is rather overduidelijk.

Users who choose ViaBTC will be able to choose three different payment methods. There is an option for solo mining, which is always appreciated. Group miners can be paid through PPS+ or PPLNS models. It is good to see different payout options te this regard. After all, not all models work for all miners. Providing ViaBTC users a choice is never a bad thing te this regard. It will be interesting to see which option becomes the most popular one te the end.

It is doubtful this fresh pool will spur another major increase te GPU mining , however. Especially with the markets unstable and oversold right now, making any major investments is not advised. Having another professional pool provider on houtvezelplaat will be beneficial to Ethereum ter the end, however. More pools mean more decentralization and better network support ter general. An interesting future lies ahead for this altcoin. Whether or not ViaBTC will play a big part ter that future, remains to be determined.

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