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Quick Comparison of the Available

Wij’ve determined to do a quick comparison inbetween the different options that you have for around 30 MHS Scrypt ASIC miners that are available on the market at the uur ter order to give you an idea on how they compare to each other. Wij have a GAWMiners Falcon Miner (ZeusMiner Thunder X3), Silver Fish Blade Miner and Innosilicon A2Mini Miner that wij have either tested already or are presently testing (detailed reviews of the last two to go after soon). On the photo above you can see the three miners on top of each other, so that you can get a good idea on how they compare te terms of size. Do note that they are all different not only te terms of size, but also te terms of power consumption and completeness, and they also do come with different prices spil well.

Here is a table to compare and summarize the three miners that are all averaging about 28 MHS or slightly more te terms of actual hashrate according to their specs and what wij have seen so far ter our tests. The Falcon is the largest one, essentially a ZeusMiner Thunder X3 from the earlier batches spil the newer units do come with a bit different vormgeving and Zeus has already announced fresh miners with lower power consumption, tho’ thesis are not yet shipping. The A2Mini miner based on Innosilicon A2 chips is the 2nd one ter terms of physical size, however this miner differs than the other two with the fact that it contains an integrated power supply and Raspberry Pi controller all built inwards the case. The smallest one is the Silver Fish Blade, an interesting open framework solution that is not very widely available and popular outside of China.

All of the miners above have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the price is very likely the determining factor for every miner when considering the terugwedstrijd of investment expected. This is especially true now when the Litecoin network difficulty has climbed up to a level that ensures just a bit overheen 1 LTC vanaf day to be mined with any of thesis Scrypt ASIC miners. Obviously the A2Mini is the worst choice te terms of price, tho’ wij do like the miner a lotsbestemming spil it comes spil a finish solution ready to be used out of the opbergruimte and with the lowest power usage. At the price that it is presently being sold however it is not a wise choice and A2 truly does need to update their prices. The Silver Fish blade is also an interesting solution, especially with the lower power usage it offers spil compared to ZeusMiner’s alternative, here however wij do not like very much the not so effective for cooling open vormgeving and the Windows only software miner available for the device along with network only connectivity. The price of the Silver Fish is also fairly high compared to Zeus’, and even tho’ the ZeusMiner and the branded products from their vrouwen such spil GAW’s Falcon with the highest power consumption it is still the most interesting solution ter terms of price. And with the announcement of the fresh lower power usage products that suggest higher hashrate at lower price ZeusMiner is very likely the most interesting choice for a Scrypt ASIC miner at the uur spil it should be able to suggest the fastest ROI at the uur.

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