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Getting Began

QtMiner is the easiest mining software to utilize for the Alpereum Ethereum Pool.

  1. Download QtMiner.zip and samenvatting the zip to a folder of your choice.
  2. Create a bat opstopping, such spil “begin.bat” ter same folder you extracted QtMiner.zip too.
  3. Add the line below to the commence.bat, update your ether address and equipment name.


qtminer.exe -s pool.alpereum.ch:3001 -u YOURETHERWALLETADDRESS.myrigname -G

  • Click the embark.bat
  • A DAG verkeersopstopping will start to generate overheen the next several minutes.

    You may need to restart QtMiner a few times after the very first DAG creation to get it going but once it starts submitting shares you should be fine!

    Do not leave behind to check your statistics on the workers pagina. Keep te mind it may take up to 30 minutes before your worker stats emerge. Do not be troubled, all shares that are submitted the ogenblik you begin your miner count towards your total prize.

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    what is myrigname ? please advice

    Hello Samuel, the myrigname will be your worker’s name, Just name it anything you wish. Like for example use qtminer.exe -s pool.alpereum.ch:3001 -u YOURETHERWALLETADDRESS.Samuel -G

    You can switch the name after the . to anything you wish.

    I hope this helps!

    How do you force it to select the dedicated GPU, and not the integrated one?

    Straks edit: you can’t, vereiste use another miner

    qtminer doesn’t embark on widows Ten after all the proces

    Tofeek, you might be doing something wrong. It starts for mij

    i download qtminer samenvatting it into a folder spil directed copy i create a embark.bat opstopping and i copy this qtminer.exe -s pool.alpereum.ch:3001 -u YOURETHERWALLETADDRESS.myrigname -G but waterput my wallet address n my equipment name and i copy the bat opstopping to the same folder i extracted qtminer too

    What happens if you run embark.bat from cmd? You should get a message there or something

    nothing happens the cmd will just flash and go instantly am running windows Ten 32bit i have attempted everything it not working

    So if you have a cmd window open and type “embark.bat” and succesnummer Inject it will just dissapear?

    voorwaarde i waterput this ” wen saving the bat verkeersopstopping cos after opening the cmd it demonstrating mij path not found pls help

    Here’s a step by step:

    1. download qtminer archive from listig above

    Two. samenvatting content of archive to “C:\eth”

    Three. create begin.bat (using notepad or notepad++) ter “C:\eth” folder, add the required lines from above and save the verkeersopstopping (make sure it’s not saved spil txt opstopping, enable view of opstopping extension ter Windows)

    Four. open a guideline window and type the following: (without the “-” sign, succesnummer come in after each line)

    – cd C:\eth (and klapper Come in)

    – commence.bat (and succesnummer Inject)

    Frankly speaking, if you can’t manage this much, mining for crypto is not for you.

    it displaying that the type of qtminer am running is not compatible with the type of window am running, is like it 64bit version but am running 32bit pls help

    Submit a toegangsbewijs

    It choose my iGpu and not my Gtx1070 what should i do?

    if it opens then closes eliminate the -g i typed mine ter by hand to see what wasgoed up and it wasgoed a gpu error not a device with enough memory which is funny because it is a gtx1070 with 6gb. go figure

    f it opens then closes liquidate the -g i typed mine ter by hand to see what wasgoed up and it wasgoed a gpu error not a device with enough memory which is funny because it is a gtx1070 with 6gb. go figure

    I’m having similar issues, how do you select your GPUs? it seems to want to use the on houtvezelplaat GPU and not my two GTX970s

    also, after removing the “-G” from that bat opstopping, the miner crashes after waiting for share request. whats goin on here?

    i cant run program!!

    very first off thank you Veridicis for your step-by-step. It helped mij instantaneously and I got the entire program to work.

    QT: Untested Windows version Ten.0 detected!

    connect to stratum server (blahblah)

    Stratum Server error:

    Thrust: Fresh work package recieved

    Grabbing DAG for (blahblah)

    Chanchan, if you only want to do CPU mining look into a CPU client like ccminer with CryptoNight or XmrStackCPU. Tho’ imho NiceHash miner with CPU mining would be hassle free for you.

    Note that CPU mining is SLOW. I make about 1$/day with Two quad-core Xeon CPUs.

    You can test GPU mining with maybe a GTX1050Ti just for joy, or borrow a card from a friend and see if you are convenient. Current ROI on expensive cards is around 6 months depending on the card, and is enlargening continuously.

    Point is, if you want to make money you either invest ter equipments or ASICs or you embark trading (buy low, sell high).

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you Veridicis

    The instructions above use port 3001, but on the Pool Connection Informatie pagina it says port 3002. Which is onberispelijk?

    No matter what server I use (eu., useast, uswest, etc)

    or what domain suffix (.ch or .netwerk)

    or what port I use, I get a “connection timed out” error. EXCEPT for the eu server, which establishes a connection, “waiting for work package”, then it loses the connection.

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