How to Make Up to 20% Profit from Your Bitcoins Through Investing

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

One of the most common questions I get asked by our users is how can I invest my Bitcoins. I’ll begin out by telling that I’m no investment pro but across the year and half I’ve bot dealing with Bitcoins I’ve gained some insight about the different options for investing. This postbode lists my own private and uneducated opinion about Bitcoin investments – use it at your own risk.

Option #1 – Keep your Bitcoin for the long term

This option is spil elementary spil it sounds. Buy spil much Bitcoins spil you can afford losing (don’t everzwijn invest an amount you can’t afford to lose) and hold on to them until they reach a profitable target aim. For example, I bought my very first Bitcoins when they were $120. Even if I sell them now I’d still be at a 350% profit. My private opinion is that the price of Bitcoin will rise spil it gets more and more mainstream so I choose to use times like thesis when the price is low to buy and wait for at least a 20% profit before selling. You won’t find a better ROI (Comeback On Investment) anywhere else.

Option #Two – Loan Bitcoins to “strangers” for a stable monthly yield

One of the more promising startups I’ve encountered lately is BTCJam. The webpagina acts spil a peer to peer lending network were you can lend your Bitcoins to strangers that are ter need of a loan and they are committed to paying you back under certain terms. The annual percentage rate (APR) for thesis types of loan can reach almost %20 which is hefty.

This investment method is a bit risker since you are trusting someone you do not know to pay you back. Having said that, keep ter mind that all transactions are done through BTCJam and that loaners have specific credit scores according to the amount of credibility they have (verification of identity, paid out previous loans etc.).

I loaned my very first Bitcoins this month and am presently waiting for my very first payment to come ter, once I have it I will update how much profit I made from this transaction. The advantage of using this method is that if all goes well you are actively enlargening your number of Bitcoins month by month. For the record – I’m not affiliated te any way with BTCJam.

Option #Three – HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs)

About Two months ago I wasgoed introduced the the concept of HYIP. The basic idea is that you invest some money and get a high yield on that money pretty quickly. Almost all of thesis programs are finish scam. At the time I wasn’t aware of this and determine to take my chances on a webstek called MyDailyBitcoin (the webpagina is no longer active). The webpagina promised to give you a 10% come back daily for the amount you invested.

Since I wasgoed pretty skeptical I primarily invested a petite amount of 0.1 Bitcoins. I waited for Two weeks and spotted that I actually got paid what I wasgoed promised. I then invested a larger amount of 1 Bitcoin. About a week or so after the webpagina became inaccessible. I’ve searched the Bitcointalk forum and found a postbode debating the legitimacy of MyDailyBitcoin. Reading through the threads it seemed that MyDailyCoin wasgoed closing shop and several people stated that if you send your public address to a woman name Alana Tor you will supposedly get a refund.

I wasgoed hesitant about this since the email wasgoed just a general email address ([email protected]) not even related to the domain – this is typical of Bitcoin scams. Also, no actual verification wasgoed required other than sending your public address and your email address. After debating this for a while I determined to actually give it slok. Amazingly enough I got my refund, but spil I continued to read through the postbode on BitcoinTalk I witnessed that I wasgoed fortunate – many people didn’t get any response or refunds from MyDailyCoin.

To sum it up I would advise you to avoid any HYIP investments you find. If you’re still considering such an option I’d look for an informative “about” pagina of the company which includes actual people and their private profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook. I’d also inquire a bit about the investment process and of course not spend more than I can afford to lose.

If you have any other forms of investments you use to profit from your Bitcoins I’d love for you to share your thoughts about them te the comment section below.

Update: Following this postbode I got a lotsbestemming of emails with other various investment opportunities which I will list here. I am not affiliated te any way with thesis webpagina strafgevangenis do I recommend them since I toevluchthaven’t had any practice with them. Use thesis sites at your own risk.

Bitcoin Trader – Another HYIP that so far seems to be paying out for most people that contacted mij and also has some testimonials on Google + which seem to be legit.

BTC Lending Club – Seems to be some sort of a HYIP (400%+ APR) albeit they eis to make their money through lending and borrowing just like BTCJam.

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