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Best USB hub to use with the ASICMiner Block Erupters

With the latest hefty druppel ter Block Erupter price, wij determined to add 200 erupters to our own mining farm. While the Muuranker Trio.0 USB (the fresh 9 port hub) is still our beloved, wij noticed the price increase ter most of the top quality USB Three.0 hubs from Amazon. Unnecessary to say, adding duo hundred erupters can be pretty costly at $60 a speelpop! So wij looked around and bought te some cheaper solutions to attempt it out on the erupters.

Our of the Five different hubs wij attempted, only Two wasgoed worth mentioning for GOOD and BAD reasons. The Juiced system 7 Hub (wij tested Four of them) kept having unknown issues with observing the erupters even however it has more then sufficient power for Ten erupters. Wij end up returning all Four hubs. The good news is that wij eyed a overeenkomst on Amazon for the Ten port USB Two.0 Hub from Rosewill for $Nineteen.99, without any high expectations wij very first tested it with Five Erupters and ran for 24 hours without any issues. Wij then added Two more erupters to the hub and another 24 hours went by without any problems! Wij managed to snatch up Ten before they were out of stock, and magically they were back ter stock the next day at $22.99. Even at the current price of $24.99 it’s still worth it!

With ems of thousands of Block Erupter USB bitcoin miner being sold lately (especially on eBay). One of the most common question wij’ve received from our buyers is “What USB hub should I use with my Block Erupters?”

Few things you need to know before wij compare the different USB Hubs out there for your Block Erupters.

A single Block Erupter will require Two.5VA. A good point of reference when purchasing your USB hub is take a look at the opbergruimte or the power adapter of the USB Hub. If the opbergruimte or adapter says 5V 4A, then you can power 20VA worth of Block Erupters. 20 VA / Two.Five = 8 Block Erupters, If the hub you’re buying is a Ten port USB hub with a power adapter that says 5V 4A then the maximum Block Erupter you want to ass-plug into this hub is 8.

* Note that it’s a good practice when possible to reduce the maximum Block Erupter permitted by 1 just to prevent overloading your USB or searing out the AC Adapter.

Keep ter mind the gegevens compiled below are not accomplish, wij will proceed to add fresh hubs to this spil wij find one that’s worth mentioning. Wij’ve attempt to list only hubs that are widely available for purchase and within reasonable price. There are USB hub solutions out there are not included here because while they may support higher numbers of USB ports, they are also te price range that will make you cringe. (see 49 port USB Hub by Datamation).

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