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The ongoing discussions about the Bitcoin block size solution is far from overheen, even tho’ the latest Bitcoin Core client is hinting at the upcoming implementation of Segregated Witness. Slush Pool has posted some interesting statistics regarding the miners voting for their beloved solution.

Slush Pool Voting: Core, Classic, or Something Else?

There are numerous Bitcoin block size solutions available to users today, albeit it remains doubtful whether one of them will be able to overtake the Bitcoin Core client at any given time. According to the statistics posted by Slush Pool, Bitcoin Core remains the clear leader, even however a loterijlot of miners have not voted just yet.

Based on the current statistics by Slush Pool, overheen 55% of all miners have personages their vote on which block size solution they choose. Unluckily, there are a lotsbestemming of people who only don’t care about this debate at all. This does not come spil a verrassing, considering this debate has bot going on for far too long already.

Bitcoin Classic , which wasgoed once touted spil the solution to overthrow Bitcoin Core dominance, is not all that popular among Slush pool miners. With just 20% of the votes – of the 55% of miners who voted so far – things aren’t looking all that promising. However, Bitcoin Core does not have the fattest lead either, spil the results sit at 29% for this Bitcoin block size solution.

There are other alternative solutions out there, tho’. BitPay has come up with their proposal, and there is also Bitcoin Unlimited to take into account. Neither of thesis concepts is gaining a lotsbestemming of traction among Slush pool miners, tho’, and it is doubtful that situation will switch anytime soon.

However, it is rather difficult to judge how this voting process will turn out ter the end, spil close to half of the Slush pool miners have not personages their vote yet. Only time will tell whether or not this is due to so many people not caring then can’t even be bothered to vote, or if there is a different reason. But for now, it looks like Bitcoin Core will be embraced spil the solution for enhancing the Bitcoin block size.

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