Review Lenovo Miix Two 8 Tablet

Windows for your handbag. Is there a puny, 8-inch tablet finish with Windows 8.1, a solid IPS panel and a utter version of Microsoft Office 2013 Huis & Students for 300 Euros (

$410), you ask? Yes! The Lenovo Miix Two fulfills all thesis wishes and then some. Wij tested it extensively to see what it can do.

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Up until now, tablets with the Windows operating system have eked out their existence te the shadow of the superior Android and iOS models. The problem has bot two-fold : Firstly, the Windows operating system has generally demanded too much of the hardware. Secondly, there have bot very few processors that are high-performance and still frugal with their energy. Things have switched on both accounts recently. Windows is now more conservative with its resources, and Intel’s fresh Bay Trail Atom processors have supposedly solved the show vs. energy problem . The Lenovo Miix Two 8 is one of the very first devices to belong to this fresh class and to open up fresh possibilities ter the field of mobile computing. Our test device is tooled with Intel’s Atom Z3740 CPU, Two GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal flash storage and an 8-inch IPS display. The current version of Windows 8.1 32-bit serves spil the operating system, and a total version of Microsoft Office Huis &, Students completes the package.

At a weight of 340 grams (0.75 lbs), the handy 8-inch tablet is very light and feels convenient ter your forearms. Measuring 216 x 132 x 8 millimeters (8.Five x Five.Two x 0.Three inches), its dimensions are only slightly different from the Apple iPad Mini Retina’s. The Lenovo lettering on the gevelbreedte side and the Windows sensor key’s position indicate that the manufacturer anticipates the tablet will be used predominantly te portrait format. The back side of the case has a metallic look and is lightly etched, providing it a convenient houvast. Fingerprints are less visible on this material than on models with sleek surfaces. With pressure and twisting, the case buckles a little, but all te all, it is fairly stable. The case certainly is not spil sturdy spil the iPad Mini’s or the Surface Two’s, however. There is a visible slit inbetween the back side of the case and the display framework. The size of the slit is not fairly even all around, and it switches its width when light pressure is applied. Wij are not so fond of the sticker-like feel of the Lenovo logo either, strafgevangenis the various adhesive labels on the back side of the device. Thesis all stick out from the back surface and have a slightly awkward feel compared to the zuivere metallic backing, especially when you are using the tablet te landscape mode. Wij would have preferred to see thesis labels either engraved or printed onto the case material.


Ter terms of connections, the Miix Two 8 offers just a combined microphone/headphone jack, a Mini USB Two.0 port and a MicroSDXC card reader. The tablet does not have any connection for transferring monitor output to an outer screen. The memory card slot hides underneath a plastic voorkant, while the USB port remains permanently open. Wij tested various memory cards to see how quickly they transfer gegevens to Lenovo’s tablet. No card everzwijn exceeded a read speed of 23.9 MB/s or write speed of 15.Four MB/s. It seems that the card reader is at fault for this limit, spil the same memory cards achieved considerably better results te the ThinkPad X240 (see picture). The tablet had no problem recognizing the outer Seagate GoFlex hard drive wij connected via the USB port using an adapter. It reached a transfer rate of 37.8 MB/s, which is a good number, considering it is hardly possible to transfer quicker than that overheen a USB Two.0 port. This represents the Miix Two 8’s fastest means of moving gegevens. Since the USB port also serves spil the connection for the power supply, it is not possible to charge the tablet and transfer gegevens at the same time.


The 2-megapixel webcam integrated into the pui side of the device enables the user to make movie calls te well-lit rooms, where its photo quality is acceptable. The less light ter the tablet’s environment, the duskier the photo becomes. Contrary to what Lenovo’s advertisements lead you to believe, you do not feel at all like you and your conversation fucking partner are ter the same slagroom. According to Lenovo’s product pagina, the camera on the back of the device has a resolution of 8 megapixels, but the spec sheet reads Five megapixels. The manufacturer seems a little confused here. Compared to the vooraanzicht camera, the back camera offers somewhat better photo quality. Spil long spil the photo being photographed is effortless enough to capture, it can take reasonably good snapshots outdoors te the zon or ter well-lit rooms, but it falls brief of the iPhone 4s’ camera quality. The camera’s photo noise, color accuracy and light sensitivity are all visibly worse. Also, wij do not fairly understand how Lenovo arrived at their idea that the camera has a resolution of 8 or Five MP, the tablet took our test photos at a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. That corresponds to about Trio.7 MP, and wij found no way to switch that ter the settings. Neither did wij find the Veriface face-recognition software that Lenovo advertises spil a feature on their Miix Two 8 — not on the device itself, strafgevangenis on the download pagina of their webstek.

Our test device has an Ethernet module (802.11a/b/g/n) from Broadcom at its instruction. The module’s reception range and reception quality are average. At various distances, the signal strength registered at around the level of an Atheros AR9485WB (Asus N76VZ) or a very first generation iPad. Wij did not practice any unusual violates ter the connection, long searches for networks or noticeably low transfer rates. Outward devices like smartphones, mice and keyboards can be connected to the tablet via Bluetooth Four.0.


Lenovo presently offers very few accessories for their Miix Two 8. The removable voorkant also serves spil a stand and is supposedly available te various colors. Similar to many voormaag from third-party distributors, the capacitive schrijfstift does not have any digitizer function and simply imitates finger input, but it should help the user to be more precies and accurate with their input for desktop applications. The schrijfstift can be stowed away te the spin voorkant. On their product pagina, Lenovo also advertises a Folio case that serves spil both a folding keyboard dock and a voorkant. Wij could not find any information on its price or availability. The generous supply of further software contraptions usually included with Lenovo devices is nowhere to be found on the Lenovo Miix Two 8. Here you will only find an app to assist you ter accessing Lenovo’s app store. Presently, the support on Lenovo’s homepage consists of just a few drivers.


Lenovo offers the Miix Two 8 with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. Spil of the publication date of this review, wij have not found any compatible warranty extensions, but according to Lenovo, it should be possible to purchase a warranty to voorkant up to Trio years.

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