How to get into mining with no practice

Wij vertoning you how to find the jobs te the mines

What’s going on?

The mining and resource industry has gone through an adjustment phase. Just like any other industry te Australia, it has its good times and also times when things tighten up. What you have to realise is, the industry has not run out of steam.

Yes there have bot cutbacks along the way, but there has also bot a massive investment and restructuring going on behind the scenes.

The coal and metals extraction industry ter Australia is ramping up for a record period of productivity. There will be many opportunities for people who are looking to get into the industry and are willing to contribute to the massive growth ahead.

Where are the jobs?

The industry is diverse across all states. There are 7173 jobs ter mining presently on SEEK and 885 jobs te Oil and Gas.

There are always jobs to be found online for skilled, semi-skilled workers.

You can earn good money earn ter an entry level mining job?

If you’re kicking off out and looking to see if a job ter the mining and resource industry is right for you, then having an idea of how much you can earn can be a determining factor “, wouldn’t you agree?

To help you out, iMINCO has waterput together a list of entry level mining jobs and indication of how much you can expect to earn ter your very first year. This is just an estimate to give you a bit of an idea, so don’t go taking this list spil the definitive pay benchmark.

Depending on if you’re working a remote FIFO job, the roster you are assigned and your abilities, attitude and practice – you could earn a entire lotsbestemming more.

The top questions people ask us about how to get into mining jobs with no practice

At iMINCO, wij get literally hundreds of questions a week from people just like you who are attempting to work out how to get mining jobs.

Q. I want to work ter mining or oil and gas, but I have no idea where to embark?

The best way to begin is to combine enhanced skill with enlargened abilities to give you greater opportunities. Look what jobs are available and see what requirements are needed for that job. Spil an example, if it requires you to have Restrained Spaces training, you will need to invest ter some training to get that certificate.

Q. Do I need abilities to get a mining job?

YES. Just like any job, you will need abilities. Obviously the abilities you need will depend on the job you go for. All mining, oil and gas jobs require a Safety very first concentrate. To increase your chances, increase your abilities.

Q. Am I too old to get a begin te mining?

A. The average age of people ter mining is around 41 yrs old. You will find around 24% of people are overheen 50 and 7.5% are at retirement age. Thesis are big numbers that voorstelling age is not a limitation te mining.

Q. I’ve got no practice ter the industry and i know mining companies look for this, but I’m a hard worker and I’m willing to give it a go.

A. Companies are looking for hard working individuals. If you are willing to work hard for the company you need to let them know ter your vraaggesprek. A hard working fresh starter is always better for the company than an experienced person who is lazy.

Q. What courses I can do to help mij be more employable?

A. Look to the mining induction spil a very first step, then improve your chances with courses like 4WD training, restrained space, work securely at heights or if you want to drive a haul truck the haul truck course will give you practice on large mining machinery.

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