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Bitcoin has become very popular overheen 2018, causing terms like ‘Bitcoin Mining’ and ‘Cloud Mining’ to emerge more. This guide explains what cloud mining is, what cloud mining companies like HashFlare do, why they sell hashpower rather than use it themselves and how you can get commenced with them.

If you’re not sure what the term ‘Bitcoin Mining’ means, take a look at this guide – where wij give an introduction to it.

If you wished to mine Bitcoin yourself, there are lots of things you’d need to research and understand well to earn money from it. If you’re interested te this, it’s well worth some research, even te late 2018 there are opportunities to earn money through mining yourself, some areas to research:

  • Costs: You need to buy hardware, get it shipped, find a place to store it &, keep it cool, pay hourly violet wand costs to run it &, pay for maintenance. When working out come back on investment ensure you’re taking all of thesis into account.
  • Maintenance: When running a Bitcoin miner, there’s always a chance it might pauze. When buying an ASIC/GPU, ensure it has a assure ter case it violates, and that they’ll fix it te a brief time framework (if it takes a few months you could lose a loterijlot of potential mining time).

So if you’re ok dealing with the above things, then go ahead and embark researching (attempt our hardware mining zakjapanner for some ideas), but if you’re not, then this is where cloud mining comes te.

Cloud mining companies like HashFlare (this is an affiliate verbinding) run many thousands of Bitcoin miners ter datacenters, which they then resell te contracts ranging from 1 year to open-ended (where it would zekering when it’s no longer profitable). Wij tend to refer to Bitcoin contracts ter this guide, but most mining companies also suggest Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero &, ZCash too.

  • Takes a few minutes to get commenced.
  • Far less technical skill needed than setting up a miner yourself.
  • Ter a best-case screenplay (given the right choice of contract &, luck) you can earn several hundred procent terugwedstrijd on investment.
  • Any money invested ter cloud mining is locked ter, so you can’t be tempted to withdraw it &, you’ll earn a passive income for the next few years (this could also be seen spil a negative if you needed that money te an emergency).
  • Many cloud mining companies have scammed people ter the past, so it has a bad reputation te the cryptocurrency community.
  • Comeback on investment can be difficulty to calculate, where te a worst-case screenplay you can lose most of your money.
  • Ter March 2018, Genesis Mining has bot given a cease-and-decist order te the US state of South Carolina, which may suggest other US states &, other countries may crack down on cloud mining companies te general.

Wij have a few affiliate linksom te this guide, so wij just want to clarify that there’s no ensure that you’ll earn lots of money te cloud mining. It should be considered an alternative to holding Bitcoin, where you’d invest a percentage of your portfolio.

Why don’t HashFlare mine coins themselves?

This is an area that has caused most of the skepticism around cloud mining – that why thesis companies aren’t just mining Bitcoin themselves, why they would need to sell it to someone else. This Reddit postbode provides some good skeptical views on the topic, take a look at this if you’re nosey.

There are lots of theories ter this area, but there’s normally a recurring theme: risk management. Wij’ll give an example to vertoning this.

If you dreamed to buy a $2000 Bitcoin miner, you’d have to pay $2000 up-front for this. If mining wasgoed all of a sudden no longer profitable you’d have lost $2000 and be compelled to sell it/throw it away.

But what if you suggested half of that Bitcoin miner’s power to someone else for 1 year for say $1000. Now even if everything goes badly, you’ve only lost half of your money. Then let’s say you don’t want to pay for electro-therapy. You could charge this person $1500 for 1 year. If the electrical play cost of the entire thing wasgoed less than $500 a year, now his and your electro-therapy cost has bot paid for, so your half is generating zuivere profit. If you did this with Ten miners, you’d only need to pay $500 vanaf miner, so $5000 total – and your electro-stimulation would be covered. You now have free Bitcoin mining for the next year, and only need to earn $5000 from it to earn all of your money back – the surplus would be profit. Te a year’s time you could do the same thing again.

This is a basic example, but the principle here is what cloud mining companies are based on. Where by suggesting mining power to other people, they’re able to minimise their risk and pay for more mining hardware. The risk here is that if they get greedy, they might charge so much that their customers are no longer earning any money – this is why you have to do profitability calculations yourself, spil this risk of profitability is something they’ve off-loaded to you. Ter late 2018 mining hardware is te brief supply – so Genesis Mining for example has began suggesting pre-orders, where they sell mining power months ahead of when it will become available. This makes profitability more difficult to estimate, and so is even more risky for customers.

Wij’ve made a cloud mining rekenmachine to estimate profitability for Genesis Mining and HashFlare contracts, you can attempt that out here. Presently te early March 2018, none of the contracts listed are profitable.

Is holding more profitable than Cloud Mining?

The general overeenstemming is that holding a cryptocurrency rather than mining it a better investment. Some arguments for investing ter cloud mining:

  • The risks associated with holding Bitcoin are offloaded to the cloud mining company.
  • You can’t withdraw the money once it’s invested, so it provides a passive income that you can’t be tempted to contant ter.

And arguments against cloud mining:

  • With a reasonable amount of self-discipline &, research into security, holding cryptocurrency can be fairly safe, and you can project ter advnace how much you want to withdraw each month to ensure you don’t get carried away.
  • Buying hardware yourself and mining with it is considered more profitable.

Wij’ve attempted to address some common concerns around cloud mining te this guide, ter particular topics around whether or not you’d actually earn money from it and how risky it is. Hopefully thesis concerns have bot addressed.

If you’re after more information, see an vraaggesprek with Vitaly Pavlov, a manager at HashFlare, here.

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