Eobot Review 2018 – Scam or Not

About Eobot

Eobot is a well-known cloud-based crypto-currency service. The user doesn’t need to collect a mining farm, buy components, install and configure software. All you need to earn is to register for Eobot and buy a capacity package. The company Eobot wasgoed founded te 2013 te Los Angeles, California. Owners of this service choose to remain unknown and not to disclose information from the history of the company. Despite the fact that Eobot is one of the oldest companies ter this field, it is still unknown who is behind it. Even on the company’s pagina te the social network LinkedIn, there is no information about the founders, owners, and the general director.

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A well-known address of the company is located ter the Californian city Uolnot. But there is no more accurate information about street number etc.

Here are the total list of company`s social network voeling information.

Webstek Interface

Now, when wij figured out the main information about Eobot, wij observe its interface closer. The main source for working with Eobot is its official webstek – www.eobot.com.

Here you can both get acquainted with all the features of the service and go through the registration proces ter Eobot, which will permit you to use the broad functionality of the portal to earn crypto currency. Registration of a purse te Eobot will permit carrying out transactions on receipt and sending a crypto currency, carry out exchange operations and receive prizes from the system for successful mining. Now go through the tabs of the main service menukaart. On the main pagina you see logos – the choice of crypto currency on Eobot represents a broad range of existing tokens. Ter this case, you can use less well-known coins for mining. A nice premie, replenishing your balance, will be one coin Dogecoin, which you get every day for visiting the webpagina.

To receive a daily coin, you vereiste inject captcha when you come in the “Faucet” section ter the “Products” tabulator.

After you have accumulated a number of tokens on your Eobot account, you can convert them into capacities – go to the “Exchange” sub-section and conduct the conversion you need – te capacity or ter the desired crypto currency. To do this, pack out the standard form and wait for the result.

Ter the “Products” section, you will also find the mining modes described above and the Redeem equipment store – here you can buy any capacity for the extraction of blocks.

Ter the “Resources” section, you can find the sources of information about the service, the latest news and the release of updates from the developers.

The “Help” section will permit you to get answers to frequently asked questions and solve problems with maintenance.

“Log in” and “Sign in” – authorization and registration which permits to use the service functionality.

What Coins to Mine?

Eobot is the cheapest, and best way to mine next coins:

Maintenance Cost

Now, Eobot offers two types of contracts GHS Four.0 – for 24 hours and Five years. The 2nd one is the most popular. Its cost is $ 0.53 for one unit of capacity with a service charge of 31%. The payback period is about 23 months. Payment for purchasing power can be made, both by credit card and by crypto currency. Te the center of cloud technologies, users use the Antminer S series, including Antminer S7 and S9.

Eobot Withdrawals

How to output the crypto currency with Eobot:

  1. To receive payments from the webpagina, you vereiste pack out the profile. It voorwaarde include the date of birth, address of residence and telephone number. Some people are asked to send a scan of their ID, so it’s better to get real gegevens.

After packing te the pagina, go to the withdrawal of money:

You can receive payments te any currency, and if you have any specific purses, exchange them very first ter the Exchange section. Ter the Withdraw section, you can see the ondergrens amounts for withdrawal. Money transfer are instantly performed, you only need to specify the purse number.

The money is credited instantly, make an arbitrary amount. Please note, it should be more than 0.0001 BTC (for other crypto-currencies, see the minimun on the webpagina). Spil soon spil coins emerge on the balance sheet, they need to be exchanged for power:

Wij go into the internal exchanger. Through it, you can also exchange currencies among themselves. On the left there will be a form for choosing an account, from which the capacity is purchased, on the right you need to select a tariff.

The most profitable at the uur is Cloud SHA-256 Four.0 Five Year Rental. Specify any amount and get the power: You can find enough evidence on the Internet that the money is paid out. On popular forums, there are branches about Eobot and hundreds of proofs are introduced ter them.

  1. Instantaneously after this, the crypts start to be extracted, and which one the investor determines independently. Te practice, total payback occurs te 12-18 months. But you can invest te the future. To do this, select the capacity ter the currency selection field.

Pros and Cons

One of the main Eobot pros, ter comparison with other similar services, is the instant accrual of the coins being produced to the customer’s account. There is no need to wait for payment periods, production results are available online. Using your own pool te the MyPool section permits you to reduce the maintenance toverfee to 0% and gives users the option of mining those coins that are not supported by the service.

And now the cons.

To make mining quickly, you need a large enough deposit. You will need to little by little invest month after month, the payback is very long, while it is not known what will toebijten to this resource ter three or five years. All this is fairly boring.

Very slow overclocking of the cloud is the main disadvantage.

Well, the further decision, whether to work or not with Eobot, is up to you.

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