DualMiner The Bitcoin

The fresh DualMiner USB miner is one of the very first entries of ASIC’s into the Scrypt mining domain using the Gridseed, and wij here at CCN very first reported about thesis ASICs all the way back ter January.

Love them or hate them Scrypt ASICs are here.

Te the case of the DualMiner it an effortless to afford and use USB ASIC that also brings a vastly lower watt vanaf kh/s ratio to GPU miner setups.

The overeenkomst with the DualMiner is it can mine both BitCoin SHA-256 and Scrypt coins (such spil LiteCoins) at the same time if desired. With an effortless dip switch setting, it will mine Scrypt at almost dual the dual rate making it plain to configure.

Here are some specifications on it.

It runs te dual mode at 500 MHz SHA-256 and Scrypt mode at 40 kh/s only using Two.Five watts.

It also run’s ter scrypt mode only at 70 kh/s at 1.Five watts.

Spil you can see te terms of sheer speed one unit will not substitute one GPU but at a power sipping 70 kh/s at 1.Five watts te Scrypt only mode getting a loterijlot of thesis can save a meaty amount of power costs overheen the course of even just a month.

Presently at toughly $98 vanaf unit buying a lotsbestemming of thesis to substitute your GPU equipments won’t toebijten anytime soon.

For smaller setups or people just getting into mining, this is a superb entry level product that is both plain to setup and use.

I have had mine for about Two weeks now and have bot pleasurably astonished at its show.

My very first verrassing wasgoed that it worked. I wasgoed a bit skeptical and with the added SHA-256 factor added to it I figured they were hedging their bets against it not operating decently or possibly just under performing.

Instead, it is a miner that runs spil advertised.

The install wasgoed effortless on both my Windows 8.1 system and my Windows 7 system. Ter both cases, it wasgoed detected and automatically setup with no drivers to download or to configure. I do not have any other O/S’s to set it up on at this time, but from what I have bot reading of others, practices that it has bot mostly sleek sailing with the drivers available on the DualMiner webstek. They are also working on a Linux version and at this time some people have bot having success getting them to run on Rasberry Pi setups.

On their webpagina, they also have the Windows GUI software which is what I used.

It is a custom-built GUI version of cgminer that has bot compiled to run the dual miners.

The interface is very effortless to use and setup.

Spil you can see a plain check opbergruimte to tell it if you are using Scrypt only or leave it empty for dual mode.

DualMiner GUI interface for cgminer.

Effortless entry boxes for your pool setups and worker information. There is also a “Param” opbergruimte for adding overclocking arguments.

For those who choose the directive line version of cgminer you can run it from the DualMiner software directory, just inject your information spil you would te any cgminer setup.

On a side note, BFGMiner and MultiMiner support is almost here, spil well. Nate Wools and Luke Jr have bot working hard on getting it integrated and have some beta testing going on now.

Once you have your information ter you just klapper the commence button. It will connect and mine. There are several tabs where you can see what and how it is doing te each version SHA-256 and Scrypt spil well spil a cgminer output scroll just like te the guideline line version.

Ter my use of it, I only used dual mode for a day to see how it worked. I both worked at the advertised speeds. What I wasgoed more interested te wasgoed Scrypt only mode.

It runs at a sustained 70+ kh/s te stock settings.

With the setting te the “Param” opbergruimte of “–dualminer -pll 850” I typically get up to 93 kh/s averaging about 86 kh/s. This is ter Scrypt only mode spil I have not attempted any SHA-256 overclocking.

This has bot a solid very first entry into ASIC Scrypt mining. With Five chip units, also out now spil well the Scrypt world is going to be switching much like when they succesnummer the SHA-256 and Bitcoin toneel last year.

ASIC’s for Scrypt mining has polarized the Scrypt mining communities, spil well. Many believe it will ruin Scrypt mining for the masses much like they feel it did with Bitcoin mining turning it into a rich stud’s spel and others embrace it spil the iteration of it and love the lower power consumption and setup.

I am on the fence on if it is good or not.

On one palm, I love the ease of use and a smaller power draw and see it spil a money saver overheen having to buy massively overheen priced GPU’s that the use an awful loterijlot of electric current. Spil future generations of this keep developing, they are going to get even more powerful. Yes, there are those with $1000’s te yam-sized GPU mining equipments but it is still accessible to almost anyone with basic setups, spil well.

On the other forearm, I do see it quickly becoming like the ASIC SHA-256 Bitcoin miners. It has quickly turned into a rich stud’s spel where those who either had made a lotsbestemming of Bitcoin or can buy it are the one’s that can afford the hugely overpriced ASIC miners. Leaving those with less income to buy older outdated equipment that cannot rival ter the wedstrijd to mine the next Bitcoin. Some are even calling for a fork ter LiteCoin and other Scrypt coins to zekering ASIC’s from taking hold.

So overall I see it spil DualMiner and spil dual edged sword both good an bad.

From a unspoiled product standpoint, I think this is a good little miner and excellent very first step into Scrypt mining ASIC’s.

DualMiner ter Hub

The DualMiner has run well with a elementary setup. DualMiner is actively supporting the miners recently setting up their own forum to provide support. They have also bot active te the development communities spil on BitCoinTalk and have provided informatie to people like Nate Wools and Luke Jr to get support into more mining software packages quickly and efficiently.

I am looking forward to more product offerings from DualMiner te the future, spil well. My only regret with my DualMiner is I did not have any money to buy more than one. I have bot pleasurably astonished.

DualMiner uses the Gridseed ASIC chip.

Update: Ralph made an excellent setup and use movie for the DualMiner. Here is the Listig.

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