Best mining software and config for gtx1070, Feathercoin Forum

hey guys still attempting to get my equipment working right, any help would be appreciated, need software and config opstopping,

@sabre for nvidia cards i always recomend ccminer

and for your config where do you want to mine?

@shadow1117 well i’d like to attempt solo mining for joy, but i have pool accounts on give mij coins spil well spil ,multipool

give mij coins for ftc and multi pool they are using a multi coin overeenkomst where they switch the coin depending on profitability but the address is and i believe it uses stratum+tcp at beginning

any help would be appreciated,

@sabre Sorry I posted te the other thread about… well, everything else.

AFAIK all the algo’s supported on are ASIC enabled now, and almost all the coins aren’t profitable with GPU mining, at least the algo’s they support (scrypt, SHA-256, X11). DigiByte is multi-algo and does have Three others you can run on GPU, but not through multipool.

So, to do FTC on give-me-coins using ccminer, very first create a worker on the webstek, then a bat opstopping on windows, which would look like:

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -q -o stratum+tcp:// -u <,username.worker>, -p <,password>,

This bat would have to be te the same folder spil ccminer.exe, otherwise waterput the total path to the ccminer executable if you want to waterput it somewhere like your desktop.

The -q param thresholds the miner’s terminal output to only displaying accepted/rejected shares and hashrate.

@bluebox cool that’s good to know, now i wasgoed running guiminer at one point and wasgoed howing mij a hashrate of like 500mhash which i thought wasgoed amazing, and it wasgoed displaying accepted shares but of course the pool wasn’t showcasing it.

@sabre Guiminer is for mining Bitcoin, which is the SHA-256 algorythm, not Feathercoin, which is neoscrypt. Bitcoin is un-mineable with GPU’s today. Who knows, guiminer may be set up with the dev’s bitcoin address and a default pool unless you switch it, so you may have mined 1 or Two satoshi worth .002 cents te a day’s time for the developer.

So, again: ccminer supports your nVidia based card, and sgminer or @ghostlander’s nsgminer support AMD cards. All have support for neoscrypt.

@bluebox yeah i read that about guiminer but downloaded it to play with it, you can actually make it call up different miners, point it to different pools, and port numbers run it via cpu which it does detect my cpu and you can also choose the gpu to mine it detected my old rx480 but haven’t ran the program with my fresh gtx1070

funny thing is it seems to detect the devices flawlessly and connect to pools even solo mining wallets vanaf settings, i wasgoed originally hoping i could download it and maybe tweak it to work for my purposes because i like the gui and the features… i also loved the fact that it detected my devices with no problems, might be a good idea for someone more advanced than mij to download it and check it out and maybe repurpose it for current needs, looks like it has the capability to use different algo’s and can be configured to run with different miners, has cuda and opencl support… spil well spil cpu just an idea…

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