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What is the difference inbetween bitcoin and blockchain?

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, created and held electronically on your PC or te a virtual wallet. No one controls it or sees it – it is decentralized so no person, institution or bankgebouw controls the currency. It wasgoed the year 2009 when bitcoin burst onto the financial toneel, and soon computers all overheen the world commenced running sophisticated programs that would mine blocks of bitcoins by solving enormously complicated mathematical equations.

Veronka Erjavec prejsnji teden s polfinalom zabelezila uvrstitev kariere – Najvecji teniski portal v Sloveniji

Pred polno dvorano jij predsednik Tenis Slovenije Marko UMBERGER podelil priznanja najbolj&scaron,im teni&scaron,kim igralcem te igralkam, klubom, zahvale paps tudi posameznikom te organizacijam za posebne dosezke za delovanje v tenisu v preteklem oz. preteklih letih. Priznanji za igralca leta 2018 sta prejela najvi&scaron,jou uvr&scaron,cena igralca na svetovnih teni&scaron,kih lestvicah, Blaz KAVCIC, trenutno 97.

Announcement on LitePay, Litecoin Foundation

To the Entire LTC Community,

Wij desired to inform you that a duo of days ago, the Litecoin Foundation wasgoed contacted by Kenneth Asare, CEO of LitePay, informing us that he has ceased all operations and is preparing to sell the company.

Prior to that, the foundation had approached Kenneth regarding his less than semitransparent nature with the company and to express our, and the community’s, concerns regarding his latest Reddit AMA.

Blockchain Streaming Analytics Brainy Distributed Applications – Blockchainers

Wij are indeed pleased to publish a guest contribution by Kai Wahner about Brainy Distributed Applications.

Kai is Technology Evangelist and Community Director for TIBCO Software. His expertise lies within the fields of Big Gegevens, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Integration, SOA, Microservices, BPM, Cloud, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Programming Languages such spil Java EE, Scala, Groovy, Go or R.