Superb concern for profitability with D3 miners – bitcoiner today

Lately the D3 mining equipment of Antminer with X11 algorithm are arriving late and all of a sudden. Dozens of owners of this proefje precisely demonstrate their concern.

Is it the fault of the X11 algorithm or the slow delivery and unexpected price druppel?

Deliveries of the D3 miner zometeen than everzwijn

The main and most significant ter the acquisition of a D3 miner, is its rapid amortization.

Cybercriminals Supply CPU Coin Miner Using Network Attacks

With an enlargening success and profitability of cryptocurrency, criminals have also commenced to concentrate their efforts on manhandling the largely untraceable currency. If the last two years are any indication, cybercriminals have attempted to attack both sides of the financial world, however, thanks to the inherent privacy that cryptocurrency offers, it is becoming a center of the latest campaigns.