The Enlargened Politicization of Bitcoin Mining Is a Distraction

One of the key narratives around Bitcoin has always bot that it is a math-based, apolitical currency. Ter other words, the digital specie system wasgoed set up te a way that prevents political entities from altering the rules of the network. “The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 wasgoed released, the core vormgeving wasgoed set te stone for the surplus of its lifetime,” Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto once waterput it.

Dogecoin – why has it not mooned yet, The Original Burstcoin Forums

A friend of mine, fresh to crypto, asked mij why Dogecoin has not mooned yet with all its users and trades on the exchanges. I realize that I know hardly anything about this altcoin. Can someone give mij a very brief rundown please, so I can give him some terugkoppeling?

@Propagandalf I have this questions too xD I pratically don’t know anything about Doge but i think the reason they didn’t explode yet, is because they don’t have applications related to their system.

Bitcoin: Investing App Robinhood to Add Cryptocurrencies, Fortune

A trading app popular with millennials, is making a big budge into crypto. Embarking ter February, Robinhood will let customers buy bitcoin, Ripple, and 15 other cryptocurrencies using the same streamlined, no-commission treatment it offers for stocks.

The stir is significant for cryptocurrency markets because Robinhood has Trio million users with a median age of 26, a demographic considered to be especially enthusiastic about bitcoin and other types of digital money.

Bitcoin Isle – The Latest Information You Need spil a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or IOTA Early Adopter

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Information you need spil an early adopter

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Ripple (XRP), Lisk (LSK), and Litecoin (LTC): Railing the Crypto Wave

Is crypto recovering? Ripple (XRP), Lisk (LSK), and Litecoin (LTC) are all railing the wave right into the green.