BitKey – Secure Bitcoin Swiss Army Knife

Two cold storage modes:

cold-offline: create wallet, sign transactions. Te this mode, the desktop background is green (mnemonic for cool and safe)

cold-online: witness wallet, prepare transactions. Ter this mode, the desktop background is blue (mnemonic for cool and informative)

If the instructions are cautiously followed, cold storage modes creates an airgap which ensures that your wallet’s private keys are never loaded into RAM on a pc connected to the Internet.

PKI is a sturdy technical solution to the basic security problems associated with communications on open networks, providing a business and technology toneel for the delivery of secure value-added services including modern blockchain platforms.

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Wallet – Bitcoin Wiki

A Bitcoin wallet is a collection of private keys but may also refer to client software used to manage those keys and to make transactions on the Bitcoin network.

This pagina covers various wallet formats ter use.


Bitcoin Core

The original Bitcoin client stores private key information te a opstopping named wallet.dat following the so called “bitkeys” format.